Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Best laid plans

Today I set out with the heartiest of best intentions. I was at the yard by 8am, and had poo-picked in half an hour. The plan was to come home and do a few chores before meeting a friend for lunch, then back to the yard to work the boys. All went splendidly till I got to the yard in the afternoon with a tummy cramp. I've been having them for at least a week. Between that and the wind/rain, my motivation waned.

The boys were keen to come in, and both were quartered and fussed after their feed. Nothing special, just nice to be with them. Feel a little guilty for not doing something with them but I get waves of pain in my tummy, thought it best to keep two feet on the deck.

I'm away to Norway again tomorrow. Thought it was today, good job I checked my flights. Assume I'll be back well before Christmas :)

Quadi has developed a patch of curly hair on his neck. It appeared when the heavy rains first started a few weeks ago. Lovely soft thick hair when it's dry, but bizarrely the curls haven't disappeared even when we've had a stretch of rain-free weather. Will follow a friend's suggestion to clip out a patch of hair and see if it grows back very quickly...if it's still curly when I get back I might consider a blood test. He's not showing any other outward symptoms of Cushing's but it wouldn't surprise me!


  1. Your blog just published a whole slew of posts dating all the way back to October - I was wondering where you'd gotten to - or perhaps the problem was on my end, who knows with computers? Glad to know you haven't dropped off the face of the earth! My Noble is being tested for insulin resistance - we're just doing a simple glucose test - and also for thyroid issues - we'll have to see where that all comes out. You're right, the odd hair coat could be a sign.

  2. i agree witih kate - all of a sudden months worth of posts arrive!

    did you forget to publish them?

  3. *lol* Nope, didn't forget, seems to be an issue with Blogger because all of a sudden I have lots of updates from Nicola's blog on my dashboard. Perhaps it's a settings issue?

    Kate, I'll be following your updates on Noble. I'm pretty sure in my case I'm being paranoid, but Quadi's lived out before without this happening to his coat so I guess we'll just see how he looks when I get home :)