Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bad Blogger!

That's me! I've been rather remiss at updating my blog. Partly I haven't felt in the mood to blog, and partly I haven't had the time!

I will have to do a proper lameness update with photos and all, very interesting times in the world of Quadi's feet! In short, nothing much has changed as we wait on the gap in the hoof to grow out, and we can't confirm that the ligament is no longer an issue until the hoof is healthy again. We just have to keep on keeping on...

This evening I went up at dusk. The boys were expecting to come straight in but I the picking of their poo to attend to *lol* As I fetched the barrow and scoop I was treated to such a temper tantrum from Quadi, expressing most physically his deep displeasure at not being tended to immediately! Both hooligans trotted up the fenceline at me, Fin slid to a halt at the fence (I was convinced he was about to leap out and join me on the other side!) and my 'lame' horse executed a levade or two at Fin in an effort to bite and box. This didn't work so he about-faced, pirouetting with such balance, and demonstrated several caprioles, one right after the other, aiming vaguely at Fin's head :o Both boys then wheeled round and blasted across the field before sliding to a halt, leaving two great big 'elevens' across the paddock. So in addition to hunting poops in the moonlight, I had to try and replace divots!

All very beautiful and balanced, how I wish it wasn't so dark as I had my cameraphone in my pocket! BUT, Quadi is supposed to be on paddock rest for his ligament. Luckily they didn't play long, but if he keeps this up he'll be on box rest again >:(

They were a bit more alert than usual when stood in, they could see fireworks out the barn. They were fine to turn out until, right as Quadi was going through the paddock gate, a flash of colour in the sky caught his peripheral vision. So I had two very 'up' horses canter round me on the end of their leadropes, for half a circle. The lovely thing about them is they calmed down when I asked and stood with me. I turned them to watch the fireworks and they relaxed. The noise didn't seem to bother them, it's the bursts of colour and light in the sky. They soon settled to graze and I stood on the other side of the fence, just making sure everyone was content. To be honest, I'm pretty scared of fireworks myself, and also quite wibbly about the dark, so I didn't feel like I was going to be a calming influence stood out there with them. Once I knew they were calm again I left them grazing peacefully, hopefully they'll still be in the same paddock tomorrow :s

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