Sunday, 25 October 2009

Ho hum...

I've been a little lax in updates...I am home now and whilst all is well with Quadi, for various reasons I haven't felt like doing much except the essentials for him. And I've been even less bothered about blogging.

He is going really well. His gammy hoof doesn't look half as bad as I thought. His current routine is to syringe iodine solution up the crack in the hoof wall every day. Sadly, being a clumsy great oaf, I stood on the syringe today so will have to try and source another tomorrow!

He was looking sound even over the stones in the yard the first couple of days home. Sadly he's looking sorer than he was, I'm wondering if he needs some hoof wall removed again because if it gets too long in that foot the shearing effect when he walks must be sore. Or it could be that we've had rain for over a week and standing about in mud isn't helping. Perhaps the infection is taking hold again, the vet said on the phone on Friday we can use stronger chemicals to flush the area out if we need to. Haven't decided whether or not that's a good idea.

He also said he'd like to examine him again in about a fortnight and to have him shod for that if we can. Also haven't decided about that one... :|

He had his massage and was a mad little cookie, kept fidgeting! We can only surmise that he and Fin were excited about being in new stables and couldn't settle to it. Quadi's lost tone and has taken a step backwards but nothing like what I was expecting. His back feet are looking odd right now, must take some photos.

The vet has OKed that he can do some mooching around the school in hand, I said I'd boot up his feet to keep any horribleness out. Just something to keep his mind occupied, he seems very bored indeed but there's not a lot I can do in the confines of his stall.

I've had to get used to walking after 5 weeks of walking no more than the length of myself on board, and that was only usually to the loo or to eat! So I've been a bit sore but getting back into a normal routine now. My mission is to find myself a cheap car, it's just too big a chunk out of the day to take the bus, not to mention expensive.

Not in the best of humours at the moment, though the boys have been trying to cheer me up. Fin nipped out of his stable and walked to the end of the block into the tack room. Once I'd stopped laughing I pointed him back to his bedroom! And Quadi tried to tip a bucket of water over my head, grabbed one side of it whilst I held it up to him. I wrestled it from him before I got soaked...

Nicola, does this look like a horse happy to see me?!:

I think my rotten humour is rubbing off on him :(

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  1. Haha he looks like Ali when I mention work!
    And Ali has momments of *humour* like that I cant leave him tied on the yard for 2mins cos of the destruction he wreaks.

    Most of the trimmers dont recommend using iodine on the hoof cant remember the ins&out but *think* its because it also damages good tissue which prolongs infections/thrush etc,plus sure it excessively dries out the hoof? I could be totally wrong tho.
    Is it worth a cleantrax soak? Ive not used it myself but it seems to be highly recommended.
    I use either watered down Milton or cider vinegar and teatree and more recently bought some hoof disinfectant products from Redhouse (not 100% thats the name?)they have a putty for cracks, WL etc im finding it really good as despite living out there are still traces of it the next day.
    Definitely need a car,nothing worse than being immobile:)