Saturday, 3 October 2009

Vet visit

Just a quick update. The vet and farrier are due out on Monday afternoon to assess the infection to the front of the hoof. The vet wants to know if we can resect part of it without compromising the integrity of the structures. I'm not sure you can open up the hoof wall without assuming some damage? I guess it's whether the greater good is in opening it up to attack the infection (although leave it open to further intrusion), or try and make sure the tight new growth means that infection has nowhere to go, and contibue the foot spas.

Obviously I'd prefer the latter but I'm not a vet and not a farrier!

He continues to shed sole in the fronts but not in the hinds, a suggestion that everytihng is moving up within the hoof capsule, which is good news if that's the case :)

Hopefully on Monday evening I'll be able to report back that the hoof is intact and that in-hand walking can start in earnest!

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