Friday, 20 February 2009

Dead slow and stop

I did go to the gym last Wednesday. Good day, nothing much to report.

The I was in Edinburgh for the weekend. Again, not much news there except that I did feel a distinct difference walking up the city's hills. Previously I'd have been out of puff and even dizzy halfway. This time I felt like I could have jogged up them. I didn't of course, lest I cause injury to myself or anyone else in a 5 mile radius...

Have been poorly since then though, some sort of horrid throat lurgy. Not pretty, and making my bed in the morning is enough to render me useless and knackered for the rest of the morning. Have taken to napping on the sofa, very dignified(!)

I have been feeling like I need to book an appointment with the personal trainer to reassess what I'm doing. When I first went and I was asked what my goals were I hadn't the foggiest. Now I know what they are and the specific parts of my body I feel I really must tackle. So once I'm feeling better and am back into the swing of things, I can pursue my New Body with earnest!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Sciatica, ow!

Get me, I got my arse in gear and went along this morning! Mid-morning during the week is quieter, am wondering if mid-afternoon might be better still...

Since I walked in again, I hopped straight on without warmup stretches, but I always warm up on the treadmill. Slowly slowly.

Almost managed half an hour but some filthy, sweaty old geezer was sitting on one of the weight machines, pretending to work out but really just leering at a variety of females working on the machines. I almost peaked at absolute outrage so rather that risk being charged with physical assault with a water bottle, I went use the upper body machines.

I am finally feeling a bit of difference in my strength and resistance :) Hurrah! Ran through a comprehensive repertoire of stretches to cool me down, because whilst I don't often get too stiff now post-workout, I have been experiencing pains through my butt and the backs of my legs. I think it's because, on the treadmill, I stick my butt out in order to power through my strides, but it could be the uneven snow and slush I mentioned yesterday. Will continue as-is and see how I get on. If I still feel like this when all the snow melts, I will have to have a rethink about how I attack the treadmill.

I also wonder why, no matter which part of the changing room I use, I always attract loonies like magnets. Today a woman who had the locker next to me and, once again, scattered everything everywhere & trying to zone out the fact that there were people to either side trying to get changed too. Ho hum...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Should have worn a hat

I did make it yesterday. Being such a nice morning, I thought I'd walk down to the gym, it takes about half an hour and I thought it would be a good warm up. I was 2 minutes out of the house and a blizzard started, didn't stop until after I arrived. Sufficient to say I looked like a drowned rat and was wholly unimpressed!

Can't say I was very warmed up when I got there, I was chilled through and a bit sore from sloping a long on melted and refrozen snow and slush! The past couple of days I've had sciatic pain and I think it's from the slippery and uneven pavement surfaces.

I did my usual half hour on the treadmill. Can't get over how much of a slacker I feel by only walking, being overweight doesn't help, it just looks like I'm not making the effort! I do put it on quite steep gradient, makes me work my ass more.

I stuck to a lower body workout as I find this much harder and I hadn't ventured one for a while. My legs start to wobble about halfway through some of the weight machines, and this is with only 10kg!

I think that, on the weekend, I shall really have to make the effort to get up and go early in the morning. The changing room is just so crowded during the day. Doesn't help when two tarts have their bags and crap strewn everywhere whilst they merrily straighten their hair, totally oblivious to the fact that other people have to be considered. Heaven forfend they should put their designer bags on the wet floor, that's for the likes of me, drowned rats with frizzy hair and no make-up!

Shame, I had briefly enjoyed feeling quite chipper with those post-workout endorphins...

I am thinking about trying a pilates class this week but I'll probably chicken out as I hate being the New Kid in any class!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Can't quite be bothered

I did partake of a workout session on Thursday. The treadmill, I find that very hard not to give up halfway through! It's also very tricky trying to concentrate on breathing correctly, my abdomen and also not falling off! However, I did stay on for the half hour. I also did a whole bunch of upper body stuff, ironically finding that a lot easier than some of the lower body exercises I have to do...

Really, really need to be shown once again all the abdominal exercises because I still look like a carp out of water being electrocuted when I try them, that can't be right!

I am set to go out this morning again. I'm feeling wholly without motivation for this. If anything I feel bigger, I am definitely heavier and that I'm becoming almost a cartoon of myself! I think I'm going to have to stop eating altogether. I'm not too fussed about how heavy I am, save the fact that not that long ago I was nearly 4 stone lighter, but I would like to feel a little slimmer. I know muscle is denser than fat but I see no evidence of muscle at the moment, only flab.

I always feel better for having exercised so perhaps that will have to be enough for me. A colleague was reminding me of the theory that I could be fighting a losing battle with my body and its hormones, in that my body seems to be fully convinced I should be having a baby and this is the weight and shape I ought to be for just that purpose!

We were also chuckling at being in the same boat with regard to being 'well-covered', in that we feel the cold much less and even in this cold snap struggle not to overheat.

Perhaps I ought to move somewhere hotter to convince this body of mine that I really ought to lose some insulation...