Monday, 9 February 2009

Sciatica, ow!

Get me, I got my arse in gear and went along this morning! Mid-morning during the week is quieter, am wondering if mid-afternoon might be better still...

Since I walked in again, I hopped straight on without warmup stretches, but I always warm up on the treadmill. Slowly slowly.

Almost managed half an hour but some filthy, sweaty old geezer was sitting on one of the weight machines, pretending to work out but really just leering at a variety of females working on the machines. I almost peaked at absolute outrage so rather that risk being charged with physical assault with a water bottle, I went use the upper body machines.

I am finally feeling a bit of difference in my strength and resistance :) Hurrah! Ran through a comprehensive repertoire of stretches to cool me down, because whilst I don't often get too stiff now post-workout, I have been experiencing pains through my butt and the backs of my legs. I think it's because, on the treadmill, I stick my butt out in order to power through my strides, but it could be the uneven snow and slush I mentioned yesterday. Will continue as-is and see how I get on. If I still feel like this when all the snow melts, I will have to have a rethink about how I attack the treadmill.

I also wonder why, no matter which part of the changing room I use, I always attract loonies like magnets. Today a woman who had the locker next to me and, once again, scattered everything everywhere & trying to zone out the fact that there were people to either side trying to get changed too. Ho hum...

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