Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Best laid plans

Today I set out with the heartiest of best intentions. I was at the yard by 8am, and had poo-picked in half an hour. The plan was to come home and do a few chores before meeting a friend for lunch, then back to the yard to work the boys. All went splendidly till I got to the yard in the afternoon with a tummy cramp. I've been having them for at least a week. Between that and the wind/rain, my motivation waned.

The boys were keen to come in, and both were quartered and fussed after their feed. Nothing special, just nice to be with them. Feel a little guilty for not doing something with them but I get waves of pain in my tummy, thought it best to keep two feet on the deck.

I'm away to Norway again tomorrow. Thought it was today, good job I checked my flights. Assume I'll be back well before Christmas :)

Quadi has developed a patch of curly hair on his neck. It appeared when the heavy rains first started a few weeks ago. Lovely soft thick hair when it's dry, but bizarrely the curls haven't disappeared even when we've had a stretch of rain-free weather. Will follow a friend's suggestion to clip out a patch of hair and see if it grows back very quickly...if it's still curly when I get back I might consider a blood test. He's not showing any other outward symptoms of Cushing's but it wouldn't surprise me!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Back to normal

Just in time for me to head offshore again(!)

Was brimming with energy today. I also think I've sussed out Fin. We went for a reasonably-long hack yesterday, he was much more amenable today. Like Quadi, he needs to be worked. Part of it is mental stimulation and I think a little part is jealousy that the other boy is getting attention. Just like hoomins then!

So another meander on Fin today. I felt 100 times more relaxed and so did he. I let him warm up long and reasonable low on the buckle, and just let his back move my seat. It's something I used to struggle to feel on him whilst schooling, he's much more forward on a hack so I could 'allow' with my seat much more freely than before. He was a little gung-ho on the way home, leapt a log on the ground which resulted in the top of my hat colliding with a low branch, but apart from that a superstar surrogate pony! He's also been better about going into his stable. Quadi also didn't seem too stressed when we returned!

I tacked up Quadi in his bridle and roller for some long-reining. He went most of the way in a long, relaxed frame, with even steps. Apart from having a huge spook at a passing walker on the way out, but he spooked by buckling at the knees and hocks. No biggie, we were moving on before I really realised what he saw! And we had a sneaky trot! I almost got left behind to waterski but it was nice to see him so sprightly :) On the way home we met Kate's brother walking the dogs. Whilst I said Hi, I pulled Quadi into a gateway with your YO's three mares standing there. They were fighting to get closest to Quadi. He seemed to enjoy their attention and puffed himself up but he didn't turn to them and stood squarely where I asked him to until we moved off. He looked so happy when we came back, he seems happy to be doing 'stuff'.

His heels look like they're finally moving back under him, and also widening. All in all a really pleasing day :)

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday hack

I wish I could shake this lurgy!

Even poo-picking was a struggle. Not complaining, just damned frustrated as I have lots to do and not enough time to do it in. That done, I restrung one or two parts of the fence that had blown out in the wind and went to catch the boys. Mr Fin wandered off as soon as he saw the headcollars. When I'd arrived at the field, pre-poo-picking, he came to see me, and had been bothering me the whole time. I collared Quadi no problem and when I made a second attempt at Fin he bogged off again. I shooed him and went off with Quadi, hadn't really the inclination to try and coerce him, I had zero energy...

He stood stock-still whilst we left. When I returned he was tail-up trotting around the field. I came to the gate and he charged me. Whilst cornering he fell on his side! Not hard, and almost in slow motion. He wasn't out of control, just having a tantrum. Anyway, he gathered himself up, looking terribly embarrassed, and I caught him no worries.

Our physio came for another hack today, she on Fin and I borrowed the little black Sec D mare again. She was sluggish on the way out but very zippy on the way home. Apart from trying to remove my kneecaps on a tree it was a good ride :)

When I got back I was torn between coming home to lie on my face/try and complete all the chores I have to sort out before I go away, and do *something* with Quadi. In the end I opted for a little walk down the road and back in-hand. No boots for him, we had to take our time but he didn't look lame. Just like he needed boots in front. Good to know, and his back feet were fine.

That's it, that's all I could do. My get up and go has f**ked off and left me!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Stretchy ponies

Today's forecast was for rain. My plan was to move the boys' grazing area and get all my chores done before working The Terrible Twosome.

With only a couple of toddler tantrums, I got the fencing moved. The have a whole new area in the middle of the field now. Whilst I was busy unknotting myself from the fence tape, Quadi was furiously chesting the fencing in the next field, and then kicking out at it. Don't think he was too thrilled about being stood out, grumpy hippo!

Fencing really sapped my energy so when I brought them in, and after the usual doorway difficulties, I stuck to a groom and a fuss for each. I also did stretches for treats with both. Quadi was good as can be expected, obviously obsessive about the food but he is learning when I say 'manners' to turn his head away. I would rather he wasn't so obsessed but at least he is starting to learn to control himself. He did really well, and even managed to bow without me guiding him. I find it really good for stretching the whole of his back. Can't hold himself together with a rider on him right now, but can bow(!) Ah well, at least he's good for something...

Fin also enjoyed sweeties although it's not something he normally gets. He didn't really need to do stretches as such, he's a super-stretchy rubber ball of a pony!

I had the appointment this afternoon so had to leave before I'd have liked to. And the rain is teeming down now, hope the boys aren't soaked tomorrow. The part of the field they're in has little shelter apart from a dip in the ground.

Hacking is on the cards tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Wasted day

I have an uproar of a hangover today, only starting to feel hoomin now so the boys were ministered to in the field. Quick feeds, some hay out (they are running out of grass and I'll be moving them to a new patch tomorrow), top up water, check them over and that's all I could manage!

Of course, today was glorious and tomorrow the forecast is dire. Silly me for drinking!

Yesterday we had a shottie of ride and lead again. Fin wasn't great about standing but Quadi body-blocked him on one side and I stopped him on the other. We managed just fine. I also found it a lot easier to slow Fin's walk a bit, not that I wanted to interfere with his tempo too much, but Quadi had issues trying to keep up and I didn't want to keep having to gee him along. I used a long lead rope over a lunge line so that there was no option but to keep them side-by-side.

Had a nice day, they were both much more sensible apart from the usual issues getting in and out of the stables. Better than the previous day, but I have a bruised foot and ankle thanks to Quadi squishing it on his way in, he is a lump!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


The mess that greeted me yesterday! I spent a lot of today's poo-picking time replacing the divots they'd hoiked from the ground. Actually, they were more like sods of turf!

The soles of Quadi's hinds look false, and because they seem to cope fine unshod, I booted him up and took him out for a long-rein. Sadly I made the mistake of just putting him in his headcollar and used an old set of long reins (not mine, I've never owned any!) so that I didn't have two reins to contend with. This affected steering greatly. He tried to turn round a few times on the way off the yard and also just after we set off. Only to the left. He got a smacked bum the second time around, he was being a bugger. Whilst I wasn't helping in that I was getting stressed, he knows this stuff inside out and I have to insist he does as asked as I'm fed up being pushed around by these two. They're big, boisterous lads.

He was a little 'up' for part of the walk, I hate to see this because it places his whole physique in the worst frame for the health of his back. By the end he was nice and long and low. I should also have used the roller because when he goes low in front I have a job to stop the reins getting tangled in his forelegs! Next time, bridle and roller.

Fin also got a skelp for jigging at the mounting block. I think in both cases I should have saw what was going to happen and tried to deal with the issue but in Fin's case he was getting hysterical about something he knows very well how to do. I felt as if I was in a good frame of mind, I was wondering if I was causing them to be like this? I think ultimately these things happen because of the handler but the handler has to realise what they're doing wrong?

Anyway, I hopped up, Fin jigged backwards in the yard, then forwards over the front lawn (oops!) but we were off. I managed to get him settled to a walk and tried to ensure I was relaxed. We had a lovely hack except that Fin doesn't like mud or puddles and if he has to go through either he speeds up, and forgets that there's a rider up top whose knees get wiped off of trees! Methinks he needs to do some hunting!

Quadi was better about being left alone than Fin was, and Fin had a small fit about going back into his stable. I dunno, perhaps he and I just don't click? I'm sure he'll be pleased when Kate is home. He has some flaky skin patches on his neck and Quadi has a touch of mud fever high up on his hinds, so will have to get some cream for them both.

Ho hum. I had a good day with them apart from my short fuse...aren't I lucky that horses are very forgiving?

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Shouldn't have ridden

I am trying in vain to stave off some sort of lurgy. Hopefully it's nothing porcine! It started yesterday with sore ears and throat, I was out in cold wind over the weekend and didn't have a tissue so spent a lot of time sniffing. Hardly a surprise I'm ill!

Today, on the way home hacking Fin, I became 'aware' of my joints being sore. Also, the insides of my thighs and my backside ached too, as if I couldn't bear them to be touching the saddle. I became increasingly sluggish as the afternoon progressed and barely finished poo-picking. I figure I might be feeling worse tomorrow so I had to grit my teeth and get on with it today.

When I arrived today the mares next door had been given access to their other field, lovely long standing hay. This drove the boys up the wall and the mares' owner said they were haring back and forth at full clip. Luckily, they were still in their paddock when I arrived so were not feeling so energetic as to fling themselves over the tape! But I had a sense of humour failure when I saw the field. It looks as if a polo match has been played along one side. It really does go above and beyond their previous handiwork!

Since Quadi felt well enough to do this I decided to see how he looked on the lunge. I approached this with trepidation. I decided I would just give him a quick work around the school in walk and trot to see how the soft surface affected him. If we had to circle I gave him the full width of the school but we stuck to the perimeters of the school. Knackering for me but better for him. He was a little distracted and the surface needs to be levelled but he looked good. No head-nodding, even length of stride, didn't struggle on either rein. And the sand surface was ideal for exfoliating the soles of his hooves. He looked suitably impressed with himself for some one-on-one with me and for doing some work.

Next I tacked up Fin and we went on a hack. I gave Quadi his feed as we left. He didn't finish it so I guess he more distracted by us leaving. He'd pooped a few times but hadn't spun in his stable so hopefully he wasn't too distressed. Better than last time, hopefully we're getting somewhere.

Fin was good but scuttled when we arrived in the forest. I was trying very hard to follow his movement and allow a bigger swinging walk. We had issues about which one of us would dictate velocity, range and bearing! He wasn't bad, but it was harder to relax as my body started hurting. Mr Fin also objected to waiting for a car to cross our path on the way back. I think I'm still advancing my left seatbone as he seems to banana around my leg a lot. It was impossible to correct, I feel like I might need a Portuguese saddle to hold me in place...I'm a little sad that nothing I can do seems to affect a change in this posture but today was not a good day to try too much.

Sufficient to say I was very weary when we arrived back. And it doesn't help when two bully boy ponies express physically their wish to go back to the field immediately, if not sooner. Sick of being headbutted :(

I'm off to curl up in a corner, feeling sorry for myself. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better and not worse :s

Monday, 16 November 2009

Feeling virtuous

The lady we rent our fields from has hurt her back terribly and her husband is away for a couple of weeks. Just typical that something would happen whilst no-one is around to help! So today I turned out her pony, mucked her out, then brought her in, and walked their lab and retriever. They also have a wee Westie but he was much happier sat indoors by the fire, sensible lad!

This was in addition to poo-picking the boys' paddock and topping up waters. Am a little weary but warm with the glow of satisfaction one gets from a day at the yard ticking lots of tasks off the list! And it's nice to help out, especially when their pony can be turned out and brought in without a headcollar or even a leadrope :)

Sadly by the time I'd completed these tasks the rain we'd been forecast had arrived. So the boys didn't do anything constructive. They both look a little bored. Tomorrow is supposed to be nicer so I'm hoping for some time in the school. I tried some stretches in the stable with Quadi, trying to trigger the reflex under his tummy that raises his back. He was a little grumpy about it, not sure if he's sore or if I was prodding too hard. Will try again tomorrow. I used the stables that face out onto the yard today and he was a little more settled which helped. His Gastrisoothe Plus arrived today so he'll be on that as of tomorrow.

I did manage to take a few snaps from walking the dogs in the forest. We took a little longer than expected because I got lost again! Really have to learn my way around the woods *lol* Ralph is the retriever, the lab is called Jackson. I had a great time, it was good for me to be out and about on varied terrain, even attempted a jog along with them in my Muck Boots!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Just the essentials

I'd been on the road all day so by the time I was back in the NE I just had time to feed the boys and tend to their ails before dark. Had to skoosh some cream in Fin's eye and flush out the almost grown-out crack in Quadi's gammy hoof.

Fin seemed a little lethargic this evening, but I was much further south today so perhaps there was a lot of wind and rain up here which tired him out? I have to call the vet tomorrow about his eye so I will double check that the course of wormer he's on doesn't cause this sort of symptom. Quadi was his usual bouncy self anyway, and both boys had their usual appetites even with the wormer in their feed.

Quadi is still at this weaving and head-tossing business. Once Fin left his stable he was certainly much worse (Fin being removed a fraction of time before Quadi so that we could go back to the field). I stood with his leadrope in my hand and gave a short, sharp shock when he started his antics. I don't even look at him when he's doing it, there is a loop in the rope apart from when I use the rope to punish the behaviour, and reward him with soothing verbal tones once he's still. It only took about 20 seconds for him to stand calm and chilled. I backed him up as I opened to door to move him from my space, and requested that he stood still at his open stable door before we progressed calmly out. I don't want him to get into the habit of charging out because he's in a tizz.

Not sure if using the headcollar and leadrope for negative reinforcement puts me in the dark ages in terms of horse training, but it's working for now and I never forget to tell him when he's good...

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Match Postponed

Today's work session was postponed firstly due to unforeseen storm conditions(!) and then due to handler tiredness(!!)

Kate and I moved all of the boys' fencing to give them a whole new patch of the field as they are very hungry for hay, and introducing new grass in sections means we are running out of enough grass by the end of every week. We sent them both out this afternoon with full tummies so that they wouldn't gorge themselves. But the grass is old meadow, their feet have never looked better so not to worried about that.

As I said, we moved the fence, which was a simple task made mammoth by the wind! There was much running, or hirpling in my case, back and forth as we couldn't hear each other shouting! Just as we were finishing up our poo-picking, the heaven's opened! We had moved the boys into a smaller paddock next door and gathered them in from the elements as they half-passed and jigged around us, poor delicate boys couldn't possibly confront the wind and rain head on!

Fin seemed happier with the new stabling arrangement in that he walked straight in, and Quadi wiggled his way to the end no problem. Likewise he seemed happier in his new 'bedroom', and was most compliant to having his feet attended to.

He got his knickers in a knot when Fin went out just before him, so I stood with a slack leadrope and gave him a firm 'No' with a check on the rope when he started head-tossing and stropping. Once he was quiet and calm I opened the door, asked him to stand and wait with the open door before we left. He seems more insecure than he has been, possibly because of being turned out with one other horse...I'm not sure whether to be more sympathetic to him or whether to get much more assertive in not tolerating teddies being thrown out of prams!

On a positive note, he ate up all of his wormer today, he's on the first day of a five-day course. Can certainly count on that boy to eat anything put in front of him!

As there isn't a lot happening work-wise this weekend, some photos. I also took some pics of the state I usually find the field in:

Friday, 13 November 2009

Round the twist

That's where Quadi's driving me! The Boy really needs to be working!

I was merrily filling bags of hay this evening for the field, we'll be moving the fence tomorrow but in the meantime the boys seem ravenous. I say merrily, I was until I felt I was in a scene from a bad horror movie. Standing in the entrance to a small hay byre, lightbulb hanging at forehead height I kept bumping into and frightening myself. Dusty axes along the wall, pitch black outside, cobwebs everywhere...I was starting to spook myself and was happy when I finished that task! I scuttled across the field after that, I'm scared of the dark as it is and thinking horror movie thoughts doesn't help *lol*

Whilst Fin was working I decided I'd just potter around the stable with Quadi. First we have to get Fin out of the stable! He's developed an aversion to going in and out of the barn door...past Himself. I had to put myself between Fin and a fire-breathing Quadi to let the poor chap out. We're going to try putting Quadi in the end stable, the reason he's not been in there before is because he'll have to make a sharp turn left then right to get in there. He is blessed/cursed with a very round barrel which is sometimes covered in a layer of fat too, but hopefully he can wriggle in no problem. He's making all sorts of faces every time Fin goes in or out...snaking, weaving, head-tossing, door-kicking, etc. Kate said he's normally ok to be left alone when I'm not there so we can only surmise he's a jealous boy who needs more attention and wants to come out and play. Which is odd because he's never been a workaholic!

I've ordered some Gastrisoothe Plus from Metabolic Horse for him too. See if that helps any. I'm pretty convinced he has ulcers but not sure if either of us can cope with any more veterinary investigations at the moment, I'm not sure if we have access to a scope up here. Gastroguard is expensive but I might save up for a couple of month's treatment for it once work picks up, ulcers are mostly a management issue but only once the tummy has healed. Perhaps it's selfish of me not to have him scoped but that's how I feel so all I can do just now is feed him the right forage and feed and try to minimise his stress levels. Not that the latter is easy when he vies for attention when people are watching...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ride and Lead

Lots of poo picking today, since I was feeling a bit better. I took photos of the paddock & I'll have to try and upload them...looked more like a tattie field or as if a rugby match had taken place before I'd arrived! The task was not helped by Quadi tipping over a full barrow, and then after I cleared that up I managed to lose balance with it and lose the lot again *lol*

I think the boys could have used having their rugs off and grooming each other, but I intended to ride so didn't oblige. My declining of their repeatd requests to have their jackets off was greeted with hair pulling, bump nipping and sloppy kisses with tongues...ew! Oh, and Fin tried to pull my jods down by the waistband. A bliddy comedian(!)

Quadi thought he was going to be left behind today when I tacked up Fin, his eyes lit up when he realised we were all going out to play. I put on his Portuguese cavesson and used a lunge line, which I knew would be too long but thought it might be useful in case Quadi spooked. I'd rather give him lots of line that lose the end altogether!

Fidget Fin had trouble standing still for mounting and girth-tightening, both boys seem much happier to get on with their jobs than to stand around!

We all got on quite well, save the fact that Fin and Quadi both wanted to walk along the same part of the path! And Fin has a much faster walk than Quadi, it's almost like the amble of a gaited horse. But we coped well. I think I push all the wrong buttons on Fin, we were making banana shapes a lot of the time. I was riding him one-handed and trying to neck rein but he preferred when I rode with a rein in each hand. I will see if Kate will watch me have a little mooch on him and see if it's my noisy aids or Fin not quite understanding the neck reining and contact. He did curl back and hump his back at me on the way home, but I really had to insist we didn't jog home. I don't think Fin likes me telling him what to do but that's too bad!

I had difficulty in getting Fin into his stable so our 'landlord' (for want of a better word, one half of the couple we rent the land and stables from!) took Quadi from me and put him away. This helped a lot, and I was really chuffed that Quadi seems happy around men again, and that he just walked into his stable. He's normally the tricky one!

The crack in Quadi's hoof is growing down with alacrity, and he's shedding the frogs in his hinds. I think he's blown an abscess through each heel in his fores, but I booted him up today anyway because he looked sound. He wasn't lame the past few days either. The boots didn't rub so all seems good there.

He seemed very happy having worked today. Fin felt like he needed a good long hack but whilst that wasn't possible it's good that we all went out. I don't expect the weather will be terribly kind to us this weekend so feel rather virtuous to have worked them today :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pleh :(

I missed my poledancing class last night, and the horses today, as I'm feeling poorly. Abdominal pain, so didn't really feel up to either. For the horses, I think I'd have been ok if I had a car to drive there and back but I don't so I've opted to stay home and get an early night :)

I've made use of my time curled up on the sofa, when I've not been sleeping of course! I re-read Richard Hinrich's 'Schooling Horses In-Hand' and Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling's 'Dancing With Horses'.

Re-reading the latter proved very refreshing. I have been having a few challenges with Quadi recently, and myself, and feel inspired to make some positive changes :) They're nothing like the challenges he used to provide for me mind you! I also hope he'll be better as he becomes more settled in this environment. I know he's feeling insecure so I have to work harder to show him confidence and leadership. I'm looking forward to the weekend for some proper pony time, hope the weather is kind to us!

Back to it tomorrow, lots of poo picking to do and am thinking about doing some ride-and-lead with the boys. Or, I can work with them individually and try keeping the one left behind in the outdoor stables, hopefully there will be less pooping and piaffe in the stable that way!

Monday, 9 November 2009


Little nippy this evening, despite the cloud cover! Thank heavens for my new Muck Boots, my feet have never been toastier. I have quite severe Raynaud's, if my extremities aren't blue/black and icy to touch, they're red and swollen from exposure to warmth *lol*

Decided to see how Quadi was looking with hoof boots on. We followed Kate and Fin down to the forest in the dark, armed with head torches and lights from mobile phones!

Quadi seemed sound coming in tonight, and confident over the stones in the yard. In boots he looked good, couldn't see any lameness but we were just at a walk. The ground was more frozen than I'd expected and slippy in parts, so I don't want to take him out again if it's this chilly.

His heels look funny, they're an odd shape, it would appear that they are his greatest source of pain at the moment. Not that he's in constant pain with them, but now that he's moving correctly and landing heel first they'll have to take more weight. Thankfully his little feet are growing at a rapid rate so changes are always happening.

Won't see him tomorrow as I've started pole-dancing classes again. It's been a while since I last had lessons so co-ordination and strength is somewhat lacking! I still have bruises from last week...hopefully tomorrow I'll be better!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tired and emotional

Not sure exactly what was up their noses yesterday, but both boys were hard work! I went out on a hack on one of our landlady's ponies, a black Sec D mare who is a fluffy quad bike, and was accompanied by a friend on Fin. I knew Quadi had been left in on his own whilst Kate had been schooling Fin in the evening, so gave him plenty of hay and assumed he'd be fine. When we came back I found him sweating, the stable floor covered in trampled droppings and he'd even managed to stand on his tail and pull some hair out :( I assume he'd been jigging around, I felt awful. He's been so good about being in normally. He has had previous separation anxiety issues and I'm worried they're coming to the fore. Assumption is the mother of all f*** ups, perhaps I should have brought in a friend for him or left him out? We'll have to work on this over the coming weeks.

Then whilst I did some physio work with Quadi in the school Fin proceeded to poop all over his stable and trample it in!

The physio session didn't start well because, once I'd let Quadi loose to have a roll in the school, he proceeded to charge up and down the long side fixated on his field. I grabbed him and did some work on the ground, trying to snap him out of his head-in-the-air-every-muscle-tense-where-is-my-friend state he was in. I'm not sure if it's a Monty Roberts exercise, or even a dog handling one, I can't remember. But it's simply changing direction without warning and, if necessary, insisting that he follow me. The aim being that he should follow me without tension in the leadrope and follow me as soon as I change direction. Of course he was very up at first but I had my dope-on-a-rope back after about ten minutes. I did wonder what the neighbours would have thought to see me making snap changes of random direction all over the school! He was a good boy after that, although he caught me out by having a roll when we were in the middle of pole work.

Today was a little calmer. I was labouring under a bit of a hangover after getting 'tired and emotional' last night, so began by moving their electric fencing to give them some more grass. Then Kate did some jumpies practice with Mr Fin, he was tackling his first ever bounce fence and he did so with his usual aplomb. I borrowed some Pole Pods to raise the ends of Quadi's ground poles which I've taken to scattering at random angles and distances. He knocked them quite a bit. However, I was pleased with him because he was, in the main, concentrating and he was touching them with his nose as he knocked them over. I hope that's because he was 'feeling' where they were and not because he's losing his blinking eyesight as well!

He caught me out again by rolling when I thought he was just mooching along behind me as we turned in on his poles. Will have to concentrate more, rolls are either for itchy ponies before work or as a rewards afterwards, not during!

The crack in his hoof appears to be growing right out. I need to do a hoof-specific blog post though, too much to type about!

I'm going to have to make an appointment with the doctor this week as I've been having dizzy spells. I fainted in Fin's stable last weekend, and on Saturday I felt the same again. Even felt like I was having an attack of vertigo in the evening. I don't want to go to the doctor but it would be foolish not to get checked out.

But I'm pleased I rode this weekend and I saw Quadi trot over the field this afternoon and he didn't look a bit lame. Plenty to smile about :)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bad Blogger!

That's me! I've been rather remiss at updating my blog. Partly I haven't felt in the mood to blog, and partly I haven't had the time!

I will have to do a proper lameness update with photos and all, very interesting times in the world of Quadi's feet! In short, nothing much has changed as we wait on the gap in the hoof to grow out, and we can't confirm that the ligament is no longer an issue until the hoof is healthy again. We just have to keep on keeping on...

This evening I went up at dusk. The boys were expecting to come straight in but I the picking of their poo to attend to *lol* As I fetched the barrow and scoop I was treated to such a temper tantrum from Quadi, expressing most physically his deep displeasure at not being tended to immediately! Both hooligans trotted up the fenceline at me, Fin slid to a halt at the fence (I was convinced he was about to leap out and join me on the other side!) and my 'lame' horse executed a levade or two at Fin in an effort to bite and box. This didn't work so he about-faced, pirouetting with such balance, and demonstrated several caprioles, one right after the other, aiming vaguely at Fin's head :o Both boys then wheeled round and blasted across the field before sliding to a halt, leaving two great big 'elevens' across the paddock. So in addition to hunting poops in the moonlight, I had to try and replace divots!

All very beautiful and balanced, how I wish it wasn't so dark as I had my cameraphone in my pocket! BUT, Quadi is supposed to be on paddock rest for his ligament. Luckily they didn't play long, but if he keeps this up he'll be on box rest again >:(

They were a bit more alert than usual when stood in, they could see fireworks out the barn. They were fine to turn out until, right as Quadi was going through the paddock gate, a flash of colour in the sky caught his peripheral vision. So I had two very 'up' horses canter round me on the end of their leadropes, for half a circle. The lovely thing about them is they calmed down when I asked and stood with me. I turned them to watch the fireworks and they relaxed. The noise didn't seem to bother them, it's the bursts of colour and light in the sky. They soon settled to graze and I stood on the other side of the fence, just making sure everyone was content. To be honest, I'm pretty scared of fireworks myself, and also quite wibbly about the dark, so I didn't feel like I was going to be a calming influence stood out there with them. Once I knew they were calm again I left them grazing peacefully, hopefully they'll still be in the same paddock tomorrow :s