Sunday, 15 November 2009

Just the essentials

I'd been on the road all day so by the time I was back in the NE I just had time to feed the boys and tend to their ails before dark. Had to skoosh some cream in Fin's eye and flush out the almost grown-out crack in Quadi's gammy hoof.

Fin seemed a little lethargic this evening, but I was much further south today so perhaps there was a lot of wind and rain up here which tired him out? I have to call the vet tomorrow about his eye so I will double check that the course of wormer he's on doesn't cause this sort of symptom. Quadi was his usual bouncy self anyway, and both boys had their usual appetites even with the wormer in their feed.

Quadi is still at this weaving and head-tossing business. Once Fin left his stable he was certainly much worse (Fin being removed a fraction of time before Quadi so that we could go back to the field). I stood with his leadrope in my hand and gave a short, sharp shock when he started his antics. I don't even look at him when he's doing it, there is a loop in the rope apart from when I use the rope to punish the behaviour, and reward him with soothing verbal tones once he's still. It only took about 20 seconds for him to stand calm and chilled. I backed him up as I opened to door to move him from my space, and requested that he stood still at his open stable door before we progressed calmly out. I don't want him to get into the habit of charging out because he's in a tizz.

Not sure if using the headcollar and leadrope for negative reinforcement puts me in the dark ages in terms of horse training, but it's working for now and I never forget to tell him when he's good...

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