Monday, 23 November 2009

Back to normal

Just in time for me to head offshore again(!)

Was brimming with energy today. I also think I've sussed out Fin. We went for a reasonably-long hack yesterday, he was much more amenable today. Like Quadi, he needs to be worked. Part of it is mental stimulation and I think a little part is jealousy that the other boy is getting attention. Just like hoomins then!

So another meander on Fin today. I felt 100 times more relaxed and so did he. I let him warm up long and reasonable low on the buckle, and just let his back move my seat. It's something I used to struggle to feel on him whilst schooling, he's much more forward on a hack so I could 'allow' with my seat much more freely than before. He was a little gung-ho on the way home, leapt a log on the ground which resulted in the top of my hat colliding with a low branch, but apart from that a superstar surrogate pony! He's also been better about going into his stable. Quadi also didn't seem too stressed when we returned!

I tacked up Quadi in his bridle and roller for some long-reining. He went most of the way in a long, relaxed frame, with even steps. Apart from having a huge spook at a passing walker on the way out, but he spooked by buckling at the knees and hocks. No biggie, we were moving on before I really realised what he saw! And we had a sneaky trot! I almost got left behind to waterski but it was nice to see him so sprightly :) On the way home we met Kate's brother walking the dogs. Whilst I said Hi, I pulled Quadi into a gateway with your YO's three mares standing there. They were fighting to get closest to Quadi. He seemed to enjoy their attention and puffed himself up but he didn't turn to them and stood squarely where I asked him to until we moved off. He looked so happy when we came back, he seems happy to be doing 'stuff'.

His heels look like they're finally moving back under him, and also widening. All in all a really pleasing day :)

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