Monday, 9 November 2009


Little nippy this evening, despite the cloud cover! Thank heavens for my new Muck Boots, my feet have never been toastier. I have quite severe Raynaud's, if my extremities aren't blue/black and icy to touch, they're red and swollen from exposure to warmth *lol*

Decided to see how Quadi was looking with hoof boots on. We followed Kate and Fin down to the forest in the dark, armed with head torches and lights from mobile phones!

Quadi seemed sound coming in tonight, and confident over the stones in the yard. In boots he looked good, couldn't see any lameness but we were just at a walk. The ground was more frozen than I'd expected and slippy in parts, so I don't want to take him out again if it's this chilly.

His heels look funny, they're an odd shape, it would appear that they are his greatest source of pain at the moment. Not that he's in constant pain with them, but now that he's moving correctly and landing heel first they'll have to take more weight. Thankfully his little feet are growing at a rapid rate so changes are always happening.

Won't see him tomorrow as I've started pole-dancing classes again. It's been a while since I last had lessons so co-ordination and strength is somewhat lacking! I still have bruises from last week...hopefully tomorrow I'll be better!

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