Saturday, 14 November 2009

Match Postponed

Today's work session was postponed firstly due to unforeseen storm conditions(!) and then due to handler tiredness(!!)

Kate and I moved all of the boys' fencing to give them a whole new patch of the field as they are very hungry for hay, and introducing new grass in sections means we are running out of enough grass by the end of every week. We sent them both out this afternoon with full tummies so that they wouldn't gorge themselves. But the grass is old meadow, their feet have never looked better so not to worried about that.

As I said, we moved the fence, which was a simple task made mammoth by the wind! There was much running, or hirpling in my case, back and forth as we couldn't hear each other shouting! Just as we were finishing up our poo-picking, the heaven's opened! We had moved the boys into a smaller paddock next door and gathered them in from the elements as they half-passed and jigged around us, poor delicate boys couldn't possibly confront the wind and rain head on!

Fin seemed happier with the new stabling arrangement in that he walked straight in, and Quadi wiggled his way to the end no problem. Likewise he seemed happier in his new 'bedroom', and was most compliant to having his feet attended to.

He got his knickers in a knot when Fin went out just before him, so I stood with a slack leadrope and gave him a firm 'No' with a check on the rope when he started head-tossing and stropping. Once he was quiet and calm I opened the door, asked him to stand and wait with the open door before we left. He seems more insecure than he has been, possibly because of being turned out with one other horse...I'm not sure whether to be more sympathetic to him or whether to get much more assertive in not tolerating teddies being thrown out of prams!

On a positive note, he ate up all of his wormer today, he's on the first day of a five-day course. Can certainly count on that boy to eat anything put in front of him!

As there isn't a lot happening work-wise this weekend, some photos. I also took some pics of the state I usually find the field in:

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