Saturday, 21 November 2009

Stretchy ponies

Today's forecast was for rain. My plan was to move the boys' grazing area and get all my chores done before working The Terrible Twosome.

With only a couple of toddler tantrums, I got the fencing moved. The have a whole new area in the middle of the field now. Whilst I was busy unknotting myself from the fence tape, Quadi was furiously chesting the fencing in the next field, and then kicking out at it. Don't think he was too thrilled about being stood out, grumpy hippo!

Fencing really sapped my energy so when I brought them in, and after the usual doorway difficulties, I stuck to a groom and a fuss for each. I also did stretches for treats with both. Quadi was good as can be expected, obviously obsessive about the food but he is learning when I say 'manners' to turn his head away. I would rather he wasn't so obsessed but at least he is starting to learn to control himself. He did really well, and even managed to bow without me guiding him. I find it really good for stretching the whole of his back. Can't hold himself together with a rider on him right now, but can bow(!) Ah well, at least he's good for something...

Fin also enjoyed sweeties although it's not something he normally gets. He didn't really need to do stretches as such, he's a super-stretchy rubber ball of a pony!

I had the appointment this afternoon so had to leave before I'd have liked to. And the rain is teeming down now, hope the boys aren't soaked tomorrow. The part of the field they're in has little shelter apart from a dip in the ground.

Hacking is on the cards tomorrow, fingers crossed!

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