Friday, 13 November 2009

Round the twist

That's where Quadi's driving me! The Boy really needs to be working!

I was merrily filling bags of hay this evening for the field, we'll be moving the fence tomorrow but in the meantime the boys seem ravenous. I say merrily, I was until I felt I was in a scene from a bad horror movie. Standing in the entrance to a small hay byre, lightbulb hanging at forehead height I kept bumping into and frightening myself. Dusty axes along the wall, pitch black outside, cobwebs everywhere...I was starting to spook myself and was happy when I finished that task! I scuttled across the field after that, I'm scared of the dark as it is and thinking horror movie thoughts doesn't help *lol*

Whilst Fin was working I decided I'd just potter around the stable with Quadi. First we have to get Fin out of the stable! He's developed an aversion to going in and out of the barn door...past Himself. I had to put myself between Fin and a fire-breathing Quadi to let the poor chap out. We're going to try putting Quadi in the end stable, the reason he's not been in there before is because he'll have to make a sharp turn left then right to get in there. He is blessed/cursed with a very round barrel which is sometimes covered in a layer of fat too, but hopefully he can wriggle in no problem. He's making all sorts of faces every time Fin goes in or out...snaking, weaving, head-tossing, door-kicking, etc. Kate said he's normally ok to be left alone when I'm not there so we can only surmise he's a jealous boy who needs more attention and wants to come out and play. Which is odd because he's never been a workaholic!

I've ordered some Gastrisoothe Plus from Metabolic Horse for him too. See if that helps any. I'm pretty convinced he has ulcers but not sure if either of us can cope with any more veterinary investigations at the moment, I'm not sure if we have access to a scope up here. Gastroguard is expensive but I might save up for a couple of month's treatment for it once work picks up, ulcers are mostly a management issue but only once the tummy has healed. Perhaps it's selfish of me not to have him scoped but that's how I feel so all I can do just now is feed him the right forage and feed and try to minimise his stress levels. Not that the latter is easy when he vies for attention when people are watching...

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