Friday, 20 November 2009

Wasted day

I have an uproar of a hangover today, only starting to feel hoomin now so the boys were ministered to in the field. Quick feeds, some hay out (they are running out of grass and I'll be moving them to a new patch tomorrow), top up water, check them over and that's all I could manage!

Of course, today was glorious and tomorrow the forecast is dire. Silly me for drinking!

Yesterday we had a shottie of ride and lead again. Fin wasn't great about standing but Quadi body-blocked him on one side and I stopped him on the other. We managed just fine. I also found it a lot easier to slow Fin's walk a bit, not that I wanted to interfere with his tempo too much, but Quadi had issues trying to keep up and I didn't want to keep having to gee him along. I used a long lead rope over a lunge line so that there was no option but to keep them side-by-side.

Had a nice day, they were both much more sensible apart from the usual issues getting in and out of the stables. Better than the previous day, but I have a bruised foot and ankle thanks to Quadi squishing it on his way in, he is a lump!

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