Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pleh :(

I missed my poledancing class last night, and the horses today, as I'm feeling poorly. Abdominal pain, so didn't really feel up to either. For the horses, I think I'd have been ok if I had a car to drive there and back but I don't so I've opted to stay home and get an early night :)

I've made use of my time curled up on the sofa, when I've not been sleeping of course! I re-read Richard Hinrich's 'Schooling Horses In-Hand' and Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling's 'Dancing With Horses'.

Re-reading the latter proved very refreshing. I have been having a few challenges with Quadi recently, and myself, and feel inspired to make some positive changes :) They're nothing like the challenges he used to provide for me mind you! I also hope he'll be better as he becomes more settled in this environment. I know he's feeling insecure so I have to work harder to show him confidence and leadership. I'm looking forward to the weekend for some proper pony time, hope the weather is kind to us!

Back to it tomorrow, lots of poo picking to do and am thinking about doing some ride-and-lead with the boys. Or, I can work with them individually and try keeping the one left behind in the outdoor stables, hopefully there will be less pooping and piaffe in the stable that way!

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