Sunday, 22 November 2009

Sunday hack

I wish I could shake this lurgy!

Even poo-picking was a struggle. Not complaining, just damned frustrated as I have lots to do and not enough time to do it in. That done, I restrung one or two parts of the fence that had blown out in the wind and went to catch the boys. Mr Fin wandered off as soon as he saw the headcollars. When I'd arrived at the field, pre-poo-picking, he came to see me, and had been bothering me the whole time. I collared Quadi no problem and when I made a second attempt at Fin he bogged off again. I shooed him and went off with Quadi, hadn't really the inclination to try and coerce him, I had zero energy...

He stood stock-still whilst we left. When I returned he was tail-up trotting around the field. I came to the gate and he charged me. Whilst cornering he fell on his side! Not hard, and almost in slow motion. He wasn't out of control, just having a tantrum. Anyway, he gathered himself up, looking terribly embarrassed, and I caught him no worries.

Our physio came for another hack today, she on Fin and I borrowed the little black Sec D mare again. She was sluggish on the way out but very zippy on the way home. Apart from trying to remove my kneecaps on a tree it was a good ride :)

When I got back I was torn between coming home to lie on my face/try and complete all the chores I have to sort out before I go away, and do *something* with Quadi. In the end I opted for a little walk down the road and back in-hand. No boots for him, we had to take our time but he didn't look lame. Just like he needed boots in front. Good to know, and his back feet were fine.

That's it, that's all I could do. My get up and go has f**ked off and left me!

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