Saturday, 7 February 2009

Can't quite be bothered

I did partake of a workout session on Thursday. The treadmill, I find that very hard not to give up halfway through! It's also very tricky trying to concentrate on breathing correctly, my abdomen and also not falling off! However, I did stay on for the half hour. I also did a whole bunch of upper body stuff, ironically finding that a lot easier than some of the lower body exercises I have to do...

Really, really need to be shown once again all the abdominal exercises because I still look like a carp out of water being electrocuted when I try them, that can't be right!

I am set to go out this morning again. I'm feeling wholly without motivation for this. If anything I feel bigger, I am definitely heavier and that I'm becoming almost a cartoon of myself! I think I'm going to have to stop eating altogether. I'm not too fussed about how heavy I am, save the fact that not that long ago I was nearly 4 stone lighter, but I would like to feel a little slimmer. I know muscle is denser than fat but I see no evidence of muscle at the moment, only flab.

I always feel better for having exercised so perhaps that will have to be enough for me. A colleague was reminding me of the theory that I could be fighting a losing battle with my body and its hormones, in that my body seems to be fully convinced I should be having a baby and this is the weight and shape I ought to be for just that purpose!

We were also chuckling at being in the same boat with regard to being 'well-covered', in that we feel the cold much less and even in this cold snap struggle not to overheat.

Perhaps I ought to move somewhere hotter to convince this body of mine that I really ought to lose some insulation...

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