Sunday, 8 February 2009

Should have worn a hat

I did make it yesterday. Being such a nice morning, I thought I'd walk down to the gym, it takes about half an hour and I thought it would be a good warm up. I was 2 minutes out of the house and a blizzard started, didn't stop until after I arrived. Sufficient to say I looked like a drowned rat and was wholly unimpressed!

Can't say I was very warmed up when I got there, I was chilled through and a bit sore from sloping a long on melted and refrozen snow and slush! The past couple of days I've had sciatic pain and I think it's from the slippery and uneven pavement surfaces.

I did my usual half hour on the treadmill. Can't get over how much of a slacker I feel by only walking, being overweight doesn't help, it just looks like I'm not making the effort! I do put it on quite steep gradient, makes me work my ass more.

I stuck to a lower body workout as I find this much harder and I hadn't ventured one for a while. My legs start to wobble about halfway through some of the weight machines, and this is with only 10kg!

I think that, on the weekend, I shall really have to make the effort to get up and go early in the morning. The changing room is just so crowded during the day. Doesn't help when two tarts have their bags and crap strewn everywhere whilst they merrily straighten their hair, totally oblivious to the fact that other people have to be considered. Heaven forfend they should put their designer bags on the wet floor, that's for the likes of me, drowned rats with frizzy hair and no make-up!

Shame, I had briefly enjoyed feeling quite chipper with those post-workout endorphins...

I am thinking about trying a pilates class this week but I'll probably chicken out as I hate being the New Kid in any class!

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