Friday, 20 February 2009

Dead slow and stop

I did go to the gym last Wednesday. Good day, nothing much to report.

The I was in Edinburgh for the weekend. Again, not much news there except that I did feel a distinct difference walking up the city's hills. Previously I'd have been out of puff and even dizzy halfway. This time I felt like I could have jogged up them. I didn't of course, lest I cause injury to myself or anyone else in a 5 mile radius...

Have been poorly since then though, some sort of horrid throat lurgy. Not pretty, and making my bed in the morning is enough to render me useless and knackered for the rest of the morning. Have taken to napping on the sofa, very dignified(!)

I have been feeling like I need to book an appointment with the personal trainer to reassess what I'm doing. When I first went and I was asked what my goals were I hadn't the foggiest. Now I know what they are and the specific parts of my body I feel I really must tackle. So once I'm feeling better and am back into the swing of things, I can pursue my New Body with earnest!


  1. thought you'd gone missing altogether there! hey, last wednesday's good, i've NEVER been to a gym...

  2. No, still here, just being the proverbial sloth at the moment and have nothing to say!

    *lol*, but you have a pony to play with, s'much better than the gym!