Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Too much too soon

Oh dear. Think I may have overdone it, or maybe not warmed up enough.

TBH, I am cream-crackered at the moment and just didn't feel like getting totally out-of-puff on the treadmill. Instead I opted for a quick shottie of the weight machines I normally use. Easing myself back into things. Or possibly just being plain idle!

I don't know why I pushed myself too much? Perhaps guilt at not having indulged very much in exercise for almost a fortnight. Mucking out one stable and a couple of (albeit very hilly!) walks probably don't count!

Feeling rather stupid, I negotiated (read tumbled down) the stairs and felt relieved to just get changed and get home. Feeling even more stupid, I had to drag myself limb-by-limb back up the stairs to get the locker key I left with Boyfriend, who was enjoying a hot chocolate in the cafe!

I'm glad I didn't stay, the place was getting really busy. All the Thin People were arriving after a day in the office. And the Thin People seemed annoyed at my existence, especially when they couldn't get a locker where they wanted. Where I was trying to get changed. Trying to squeeze my wobbly bits back into my civilian clothing in a hurry so as to be out of their glare. I like it better during the day when the Normal-Shaped People are there. I don't feel so obvious then!

Glad there is usually the opportunity for me to visit during the day, don't think I could handle the wrath of the Thin People on a frequent basis! It is supposed to be fun after all...

Anyway, I am hoping a long soak will stop me from having to be helped out of bed (by a crane, davit or similar) in the morning.


  1. ease back in gently

    and people with normal shaped bodies do work in offices, really!

  2. I wasn't too sore today, could have been worse. Shall have to try and be more careful!

    *lol* I know! I'm just being facetious. I used to be an office bod, still am really!