Thursday, 15 January 2009

Do Not Disturb

I packed my gym bag last night, my alarm was set. I planned to get there just as the office-types were leaving...

I was, I promise, full of good intentions to get up and get to the gym. Instead I spent most of the night trying to sleep with my knees up at my chin, such a snarling bellyache! Still not right this morning. Poor show really, I feel guilty. I am now, this afternoon, off on holiday for a fortnight.

I know if I had to get up and look after a horse, whilst I wouldn't feel anything like riding, I would have undertaken any grooming, in-hand work, poo-picking or mucking out with alacrity.

I'm hoping it's not a bug but a couple of those around me are feeling a bit under-the-weather. Wonder if it's my cooking?!

Anyway, I will have the many hills that Torbay has to offer at my disposal for energetic walks, to keep me ticking over till I get back. Perhaps even a dog to walk, and I dare say I will muck out a stable or two whilst away... :)


  1. It's good, am actually away till the end of the month :D