Tuesday, 6 January 2009


The other day, I went to the gym to be shown around the facilities and have some equipment demonstrated. Presumably for Health and Safety reasons, so that I don’t end up in a tangled heap at the end of the treadmill (given how ungainly I am this is inevitable I feel!). It’s all very new to me, I’m an outdoorsy lass and the gym is a means to an end. I will enjoy it, and I will enjoy even more feeling better and hopefully looking a little healthier, but it’s all a little intimidating. Like any first day seeing or doing something new.

My aims are to improve my cardiovascular fitness and to improve my muscle tone. So, a programme of upper and lower body weights and cardio, and hopefully one class of pilates a week. Three or four days a week, when I’m onshore. The good thing is a lot of these exercises translate well when I am offshore. I might not improve much in fitness whilst offshore but hopefully I’ll be disciplined enough to maintain my good work.

Still not sure about the whole changing room set-up, am a little too shy to be wandering around anything less than fully clothed!


  1. I dramatically fell offf a reebok step once lol!!! How embarrasing teeheee!!! Just so you know there are other clutz's out there (((hug)))

  2. Oh my! Thank goodness I didn't fall, it would have been spectacular! Glad I'm in good company, although I'm sure no-one is quite as clumsy as I!

  3. lol!! It would be a close run thing - im a NIGHTMARE!!!!