Tuesday, 6 January 2009

So far so good...

I purchased the correct footwear…so my joints will be happy. I bought a sports bra that fits and works…so I won’t injure myself or anyone else in the same room/postcode.

I am still waiting on a shoulder support for my left shoulder, which will always be weak so best look after it now. Of course, I should have been looking after it when I broke it twice, both times in spectacular fashion, in the space of six months! Hindsight and all…anyway, until I get that I am not keen to work with weights.

I was hoping to start during quiet times so that as few people as possible were exposed to the excessive perspiration and blotchy red complexion of my exerted, unfit self. Circumstances conspired and I was there after work. Looking around it was not terribly busy, I alighted the nearest treadmill and pushed buttons. After several false starts, I was off. I’ve never really used a treadmill before, being of long stride and clumsy in nature, I suspect I might need one the length that equine horspitals have! New trainers are taking a little getting used to, as they put my foot in the right place (imagine!) and if I looked anywhere except dead ahead my gait slowed and my feet followed my gaze. A good way to make an unscheduled trip to hospital!

I managed half an hour of power-walking at a steep-ish incline. The incline helped my joints and helped me stop hollowing my back. Achieving my peak heart rate of 150-ish, I cooled off and hopped onto a rowing machine for five minutes. Hardly sounds like a worthwhile session, but I promise it was enough for me! Slowly slowly…

I daren’t catch myself in any mirror though, I am sure it wasn’t a pretty sight.

I weighed myself this evening, not something I do really. Currently sitting at 11st 4lbs. Acceptable for my height but not what is normal for a fitter version of me. So I am hoping I can shed at least 14lbs and drop a clothing size in trousers. Must remember to take some measurements this week so that if I don’t see a change in weight I might see a change in inches!

Still yet to muster courage for showers :s

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