Tuesday, 6 January 2009

What's my motivation?!

Having stopped horseriding over two years ago (due to rider lameness!), and entering employment of the offshore variety, I have gained a couple (nearly three!) stones in weight and lost any residual fitness I may have had.

I’ve postponed attempts to get fit because of my body’s lovely idiosyncracies, the same things that stopped me making progress as a horserider. Well, I hope it was a lack of control over my body and not a lack of any talent whatsoever! I was keen to correct these problems as best I could by any physical manipulation available to me. Can’t say any of it has helped, although I have learned a lot along the way. So I figure why not just get my butt off the sofa and find a way to get fit(ter).

Santa kindly secured me a gym membership for Christmas! So now I’ve no excuse not to shed some weight and hopefully be able to climb a flight of stairs without needing medical attention…

I aim to maintain momentum by way of documenting my progress here. So that anyone in the wings may give me, virtually or otherwise, anything from a discreet nudge to a punch up the bracket if I start flagging and complaining!

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