Thursday, 8 January 2009

And already there are blisters...

Have discovered a blister on my foot. Just the left foot. Makes me think I walk very unevenly. I'd really like to tape myself on a treadmill, see how I am moving. Of course, my trainers are new and I'm still getting used to them. But I noticed with today's workout, I pull myself along with my right leg. Perhaps I need to slow down and concentrate more on correct movement?

Due to a slow day at work, I managed along this afternoon. Lovely, very quiet, didn't feel quite so silly this time around! Since I walked there I was pretty warmed up so hopped on a bike. I opted for the bike because my knees aren't great (more horsey accidents!!!) and am a little worried about them getting sore.

10 minutes later I staggered off of the bike, the muscles in my legs ablaze! Clearly I went too fast too quick, I kept catching sight of myself in the mirror, with my tummy hanging over my joggers. I think I was trying to cycle away from the flab!

Walked off the lactic acid build-up on the treadmill, again at a reasonable pace and incline. Achieved and sustained the peak heart rate I am to aim for, so after 20 minutes felt I was all cardio-ed out. One thing I did notice, post work-out, was my lower back was quite sore. I must have been sticking my backside out, possibly as some sort of counterweight, on the bike and treadmill. Must stop that, must slow down and concentrate on posture, or I will end up with a more hollow back and my abdominal work will mean nothing. Speaking of abdominal work, I had a go at my various tummy crunches as a warm-down. I resembled something akin to a twisting, flopping salmon having seizures...

Although I was trying to wait for my shoulder support before I started upper body work...I felt like my legs could offer no more so it was either give it a bash or go home. I figured it couldn't hurt to get to know the machines.

I was really pleased with my efforts. Whilst I can only lift/move about 14kg, I can make the most of the exercises by correct breathing and not rushing through them. My arms, particularly the vestigial left arm, are a little 'dead' feeling but not sore at all. Fingers crossed I still feel as good tomorrow.

Am surprised how much I am enjoying myself...I my enthusiasm lasts!

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