Monday, 5 October 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Not that I was stressed...much...ha! I slept hardly a wink all day (I'm on nights) wondering and worrying!

The good news is that Quadi now has the all-clear to begin paddock rest. There may or may not be some grumbling abscesses still lurking in the offending hoof so standing in won't really help them surface. Plus the vet thinks that a month's box rest has been ample for the medial CL. It'll be good for The Boy to get out and moving, I'd imagine increased circulation will help the ligament now at this stage.

He won't have a lot of space but he'll be happy just to get out I should think. Just have to wait on some horses moving now. He'll be in a corner of Fin's current paddock, but at the moment he's sharing that with two mares. I don't think Quadi would stay put for two minutes if there were ladies on the other side of the tape!

He did have a piece of hoof wall removed, but it's only the bottom third, so he doesn't need any additional support. Kate said it's pretty horrid in there so it's good to be able to attack this infection at it's root. There was talk of possibly resecting much further up and having to put on an egg-bar or moulded shoe in order to support the hoof, but the vet and farrier have been very pragmatic and have tried a less-invasive approach first. Daily hoof soaks for a while and flushing out the area with a syringe, hopefully that won't be for too long.

Best of all, Quadi was an angel for both the vet and the farrier. I think he's very relaxed in his new home.

I'm so so happy that he is making forward progress, and grateful as ever to those looking after my horse whilst I galavant in foreign climes!


  1. Really good news, and I'm glad more invasive procedures weren't necessary. He'll be glad to get out a bit, I expect!

  2. I would imagine he has been dreaming about getting out after a month! Wow, great progress for sure! Well wishes for a safe & speedy recovery.

  3. Thats excellent news particularly that he didnt need anything more invasive done!
    How's he enjoying his paddock?

  4. Thanks for the good wishes :)

    Nicola, he's a very happy bunny indeed. Grass and your best mate to eat it all with, what more could a pony wish for?!