Monday, 12 October 2009


No photos, I will take care of that once I'm home in 9 days (yay for me!), but the great news is that he's out now :)

The original plan was to turnout on Friday but the weather was most unkind back home so he went out on Saturday morning. Aside from churning up a little patch of his paddock, it sounds as if he's been very good about the whole thing. Or perhaps I'm not getting the full story about his behaviour *lol*

He's still sore on the offending foot, which is no surprise. There isn't a fully intact hoof wall at the toe and he's obviously compromised in his heels what with the abscess coming through. But I gather the ground is reasonably soft so I guess in the meantime it will just have to be sore, poor love. Once his heel has healed (!) he can have boots and pads on for a time again.

I thought it is probably like having a poisoned thumb or similar, no matter what you do with it, it just aches until it's healed!

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