Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Guess what was brewing?

An abcess! That might explain a few things.

It blew through his heel on Sunday. He was reluctant to have his feet soaked in the poultice boots, which is odd as he's been so good with boots so far. Kate left his feet naked the night before and made sure he had lots of bedding to support his feet, to see if he was happier without. And it came through. The heel looked tender so he's had wet and dry poultices and I guess now it's a case of leaving the boots off enough to make sure everything heals over in fresh air, but balancing that with wearing the boots some of the time to support his feet.

In other hoof news, he's shed sole in the fronts so it sounds like they look lovely, although the off fore is still a little under-run looking, and not quite the same shape as the near fore. Time will tell if that will come right, fingers crossed his body is sorting itself out.

So who knows if the abcess caused the lameness and the ligament damage is because of that, or that the abcess came from the change of balance in his feet? One theory (Kate's) is that the abcess couldn't track up through the natural weakness at the coronet band because his outer hoof is very tough now, so it had to track back through the heel. Which must have been very sore. Abcesses are horrid but it's always a relief when you know they are the reason, or part of the reason, for lameness.

I need to chase up the vet really and try and establish what the plan is, if there is one even! And also to him know about the abcess.

Can't say I've been terribly active, although I did go bowling the other night. For my troubles I've now got a sore right hand and have pulled a muscle in my backside. Coupled with the fact I had to wear rented shoes with a velcro fastening, I don't think I'll be bowling again in a hurry!


  1. Oh, I didn't think it was the same abcess as the toe "hole"... I think the toe one couldn't track up, and there is no "exit" hole in the hoof wall, so I think that one just pooled in the toe. I think the heel one was a separate one. They could both have initiated from the changes to the trim and breakover though. He is a lot happier and calmer again since the heel one burst through :-)

  2. Poor Quadi! Painful but he should be fine now it's burst.

  3. Sounds like our Scout! Glad it's burst - maybe that'll help with everything else as well.

  4. an abcess is an interesting thing - and thank goodness it's out!

  5. Nope, I didn't think it was the same infection either Kate, I guess I didn't explain that very well. I think the inside of the hoof would be a mess if the infection in the toe tracked right around to the heel :s

    Hopefully it will be the last thing to deal with!

  6. Fingers crossed it is the last medical emergency for the lovely Mr Q

  7. Playing catch up..again.;~
    Poor Q but bet he feels a whole lot better now its blown!
    Seems like you've both been through a bit of a roller coaster recently.