Friday, 25 September 2009

Progress is slow, but progress all the same

Whilst I, naturally, have yet to see the inside of a gym (don't pretend to be shocked!), Quadi is a happy soul whilst confined to barracks. He's taking the whole thing in his stride. Now that he's settled into a routine there's not shouting or stressing for friends, which is good as less jigging around in the box is good for the thickened ligament.

Kate had noticed he'd been tight in his pecs but this almost disappears when he wears his new fancy hoof boots for part of the day whilst stood in, complete with some cushioning pads :)

He must have very thin soles but I think this arrangement is better than shoes at this time because he gets the support he needs, plus the boots keep his feet out of any muck in the stable. And it also means hoof soaks and disinfectant are of maximum use, I gather the set-back Natural Balance sort of shoe he wears has the downside of trapping dirt more than regular shoes.

Hopefully as the sole thickens and the inner capsule of the hoof migrates up to where it needs to be, his comfort will improve without the boots. He's ok without them but I'm told he's happier in them, to the point that he will lift and wave his feet to have them put back on.

I have to try and get in touch with the vet later today to discuss progress and so on.

Quadi continues to delight those looking after him by making a nuisance of himself, tipping wheelbarrows, trying to climb into wheelbarrows, trying to stand inside his feed bucket. Situation normal for Quadi, and it's great to hear he's being his usual charming self. He gets an empty wheelbarrow to play with whilst being mucked out, funny boy :)


  1. I love his personality, and I love how he asks for what he wants or needs - that's the mark of intelligence and a horse that is well-treated!

  2. "I'm told he's happier in them, to the point that he will lift and wave his feet to have them put back on"

    pics of that are ESSENTIAL you know.. see if someone will take some for you!

    so funny!

  3. I will certainly ask, I could use some photos of him to cheer me up!