Friday, 18 September 2009


Have made it offshore without incident, but have yet to venture as far as the gym. I still haven't settled into nightshift so hopefully I'll feel up to it soon. Right now I could use some matchsticks to prop my eyelids open :)

Quadi likes his new booties :) They fit really well with pads in, and Kate has an assortment of the latter to keep him comfortable. The idea is that he will wear them in the stable for part of every day. He's also developed tightness in his pectoral muscles, possibly from trying to hold himself 'up' of his feet?

He's also settled in to life indoors. No more shouting for friends, apparently he barely lifts his head over the door to see which horse is coming or going.

Fin, however, decided it was his turn to have a vet visit when he had another choke. Much worse than his last but he's fine now and spent the night stabled next door to his buddy. He's back out to play now and fingers crossed this really is the last of it. Bliddy ponies eh?


  1. if it's not one thing it's another. any idea what he choked on? it's horrid, that...

  2. He choked on his feed but it wasn't like he was bolting it. Who knows?!

  3. Oh Hell Danni, sorry to hear Q choked again, he does like to worry you that boy doesn't he!!

  4. Glad that Q is being such a good boy! And sorry to hear about Fin - chocking is so so scary!!