Saturday, 12 September 2009


Glad that's over. What a long day!

Early start to get both boys fed, suited and booted. Actually, I ended up needing help for the latter, all fingers and thumbs I was. Quadi seemed a little less sore having had one Danilon last night and another this morning in preparation for the journey. Kate cut up a gardening kneeling pad to cushion the bottom of a pair of poultice boots, and he wore them in front. He seemed much more comfortable with this arrangement, so we'll be trying a pad-and-boot routine to help support his feet and also keep them out of any dirty parts of the stable.

We started with Quadi since his issue is not the trailer itself, or lack of experience in trailer travel. For him it's now a big deal because he thinks he's going to another vet for more jabs :(

He didn't look as if he would play ball this morning, he wasn't terribly driven to eat the sweeties being offered. So we opted straight for a lunge line, but then that became an issue because he wasn't happy with me moving around his bottom. A very generous helper and a lunge line were procured. One line was just a visual aid so that he would stop looking for an escape route out to the left, and I was on the right. Kate directed us firstly in baby steps to stand in line with the trailer and then I slunk around him. Again, we decided that we would put no pressure on him until he backed into the line, which brought it into play. Otherwise I just held the slack out of it around his bottom. Kate asked and released with the headcollar, there's not much more you can do with a padded leather halter! Took a fraction longer than loading at the vet the other day but he went on.

A little bit of hat-dancing once in there, he was very stressed and we're sure once Fin started loading he was trying to tell him to save himself! FIn just needed a few advances and retreats and was cool as you about the whole thing. Because he stood very still this helped calm Quadi down. He wasn't terrible, but was quivering before we even loaded him. So very pleasing really. He didn't think to fight us because we didn't give that as an option. And most of Fin's travelling has been between countries so extra-pleasing that he was so willing. We'd have forgiven them a lot more hassle, and were ready at any time to make two trips, one horse at a time.

The short journey went without incident and they travelled wonderfully. And off the trailer so calmly to their new digs.

It is, however, hard to explain to Quadi that he is on box rest, particularly when we have to remove the only constant he has in Fin, who of course is sound and healthy and allowed to be turned out!

I was a little concerned he might try and forcibly remove the door between him and the outside world but he did settle once he started eating ;) So full of bluster but not much gets past his tummy!

I went back tonight and Quadi was much calmer since he had a little pony mare next door to talk to. The stable he is in at the moment has a window he can chat to her through. They don't seem best of friends but happy with another equine for company. I do hope he isn't too distraught when she is turned out in the morning.

I gave him some ACP as a precaution. Not something I'd normally need to do but he has been through a lot recently and has been expressing his distaste at yet another disturbance in his little world. So hopefully he'll have a settled night. He has a runny bottom still which is understandable, life is stressful right now.

I'm praying for the weather to cool. It was stuffy in his stable today, it really was very hot. I wetted a body brush and cooled his neck and chest with that. But frankly, I am happy autumn is on the way.

No photos because time just got away from me and I was dog-tired by the end of the day. My throat is much worse and I'm not happy at how much I struggled with the physical aspects of today, shifting all our tack! I'm going away on Tuesday so I feel that whilst I ought to be happier that it's a little bittersweet to move right before I go.

What a dullard! I shan't complain further, I just need more sleep!


  1. Glad the trip went well - perhaps you can breathe a bit easier now.

  2. always tiring moving yards - and moving the tack is generally worse than moving the animals, in my experience..too much stuff!

  3. Glad you all arrived safely. x

  4. Yes, my muscles and bones still ache! I'm sure part of that is mucking out too, it's the most exercise I've done in a fair while.