Thursday, 10 September 2009

Some articles

Just what I've found from Google. I haven't read them all properly and fully digested yet mind you!

The latter being not quite-so-relevant but still lots of interesting information out there. Also, I thought this thread on EE was rather timely:,36792.0.html

Best wishes to this horse and his owner.

I do feel perhaps I ought to have called the vet sooner but mercifully it seems Quadi should make a good recovery, although with an(other) issue I will always have to keep an eye on. Frankly, with all the little grumbles and niggles going on in his feet that we discovered as an aside, it would only be a matter of time before he becomes permanently unsound. So if we come through this and I have a horse happy to be back in work, every day's a blessing. If that sort of pedestrian statement doesn't make anyone gag *lol*

eta: I can't get links to work, you'll just have to copy and paste!


  1. The feet are continually growing, so relatively easy to "fix". Once they are in shape, *we* (him being my surrogate pony too ;-) ) can keep his diet and exercise regime under control he will be fine :-)


  2. P.S. the first link is the one I found, so I wont bother sending it to you!

    P.P.S YAY! I figured out how to post on here!!!


  3. you have to use the hyperlink button to to make a link work

    i would have e.g. typed the word "here", highlighted it, then clicked the hyperlink button and pasted the link address there.....

    or, highlight the address you've posted and then click the hyperlink button and then put the address in again in that box...

  4. Thanks for posting links. Will read later. .... although at the mo it's probably better not too!!

  5. I know, I know, but seeing him tonight I do wonder...!

    Claire, I tried the hyperlink button, I'm sure it's operator error but can't think what I'm doing wrong. I will follow your instructions for next time ;)

    Jane, they're good reading, think positively for Big Bruce x