Monday, 14 September 2009

Back to work

With not too much fuss, Quadi is settling in well to his new abode. He strongly insisted on being let out of the stable the day we arrived, and part of the day after, but has quickly regained his manners. If anyone's standing watching he head-tosses and pulls faces insisting he is utterly miserable, but if one moves away he tucks straight into his hay and looks perfectly settled and happy. Naughty boy, always looking for attention!

I have pulled all sorts of muscles from mucking out. I think they'd have settled down once I'd gotten into a routine, but since I'm away for the next few weeks anyway I'll just have to rest them!

This morning was spent generally fussing over him and just making sure he was presentable for my friends to look after him. Firstly, a long overdue sheath wash. Ick! I didn't have sufficient warm water to hand to clean him properly, but did give him a scrub with the clean warm water I had and, rather embarrassed and cack-handedly, shoved on some 'personal lubricant' to loosen anything I missed! Normally he tries to hide his widge up around his ears but today I had no such trouble and didn't have to rottle around at all. I did have trouble getting him to hold it still. Rather a happy horse, he was piaffing his back legs and generally showing off! *lol*

He then enjoyed a tail wash which I thought would be nice since he's been rather stressed of late and therefore has had a runny bottom. His tail was clean but the hairs were far from white, they're looking a little brighter now. And he smelled just divine afterwards!

Lastly I soaked his front feet in disinfectant, in some poultice boots. Then I took some photos. I still need some practice at hoof photos, the worst ones I took were of his off-fore! Still, the side profile shows some interesting growth...

Then I tucked him into his stable and explained that I'm heading away for a bit, so he must be a good boy in my absence. I really don't like to leave him when he needs quite so much looking after, but needs must. I also said See You Soon to Fin, he's settled in well and has already made himself a firm friend, a little black Sec D mare :)

So. My blog might become a little more sparse again, it'll be updates from home about Quadi and perhaps, if I feel so inclined, I might venture into the gym. Something seriously lacking from my routine for the past few months :o We'll see how that works out, I'm sure I'll come up with a multitude of excuses...


  1. one thing i never did with teh two geldings i had....

  2. The vision of Q piaffing while you cleaned his willie made me chuckle! Just had a vision of a DVD "How to train piaffe!"

    As for attention .... just like Zeffy. Perhaps it's a Luso thing!

  3. Just catching up on earlier posts and about to suggest pads for his thin soles but see you've already got there! KC solemates are by far the best (even though I'm not a fan of the man!!) and they work well with G2's making it fairly easy to keep them on.

  4. It's a mucky job but has to be done!

    Jane, thanks for the tip about the solemates, will look into them. Auntie Kate has organised some booties for him too to wear over a period of the day so he should be a lot more comfortable. Although he was fine moving out of the stable the other day :)

  5. Auntie Kate ordered the easycare pads with the boots. Uncle Tom has just run down to the Post Office to collect the "lesbian shoes", so should be able to try them on tonight :-)

  6. to claify, Quadi will be trying on the shoes... Uncle Tom is merely collecting them...