Thursday, 3 September 2009

More injections

Not much to report from us.

Quadi's pretty bored! We've been doing stretches as per Celia Cohen's 'Stretchy Horses' DVD, but the stretches that require treats tend to wind him up a little & bring out his worst manners! I think he'd be better being able to do something more, he likes spending time with people. He's hardly a workaholic but certainly seems jealous of the attention Fin gets for having more to do!

We've also been doing trailer-practice. We started this in preparation to move but obviously now it's to take him to the vet, so moving yard might be more stressful than first planned. He probably thinks every time he travels there's an injection at the end of it!

No practice tonight as the weather's been torrential since this morning. I misjudged the weather and put him out last night rugless :( Luckily the YM brought him in this morning as he was looking rather drookit.

Sufficient to say I'm doing less-than-nought in terms of exercise! Just haven't the time to go to the gym, haven't been in ages. I'm hoping I'll at least have a sound horse soon to ride. And of course there's all the poo picking I'll get to do at the new place :)

Tomorrow is Horsepital Day. Fingers crossed for smooth loading and travelling. I'm not optimistic about the vet being able to do the joint block without Quadi trying to climb the walls, but you never know...I shall remain positive, right up until the point where it looks like someone's about to get hurt!