Friday, 11 September 2009

And I was feeling so positive

This morning was my first encounter with Quadi since Monday. He greeted me stood in the back of his stable on his bed, and seemed reluctant to move any closer :( The YM told me he was foot-sore when she moved him out to muck out/skip out whilst I was away. When I moved him out to do the same thing this morning, I thought he had laminitis, he's so sore! He is obviously feeling very tender on thin soles.

He is actually a little better once he moves a few steps, so I think it's partly stiffness from being stood in. I'm doing everything I can. Hay fed from the floor. Regular stretch exercises. Strapping. So at least he isn't standing abnormally. But I can't conjure him some thicker soles :(

The YM said he didn't exactly enjoy his farrier visit whilst I was away. He came to remove the remaining three shoes. Quadi saw the farrier and, upon crossing the threshold of his stable, zoomed up to the opposite end of the block. And was kicking out to have his hind-shoes removed :(

Because we are moving the boys tomorrow, I went to B&Q to pick up some duct tape and a kneeling mat for gardening that I'll cut up into hoof pads. Kate is also loaning me her poultice boots so we can get them on the front too, to give him all the support we can for the short journey to the new yard. I also gave him one Danilon this evening and he'll get one more tomorrow first thing. He won't be able to do anything to strain the ligament whilst in the trailer but the toe pain will at least be dulled enough that we shouldn't have too many issues with loading.

I went back this evening to skip out and give him some more attention. My first intention was to wash his tail but I couldn't find his shampoo. So that will have to wait. Which is a shame as he's not looking his best, having a bit of a runny backside too. The Yea-Sacc I ordered from Metabolic Horse couldn't have arrived too soon, so he's now on that too to help balance things out in his guts.

He's had two grooming sessions with Fin today, the first one today was strange because he was grabbing Fin by the back and biting quite hard, Fin was swaying out of his grip and then coming back for more, his top lip quivering! It looked very rough but Fin seemed to enjoy it and Quadi seemed happy to oblige/indulge. We're back to one crock and one itchy horse, just like a couple of months ago :(

Can't say I'm feeling too positive this evening. Quadi really did look sore, I wish it were possible to scoop them up and hug them :( I hope I'm doing the right thing by him. I'm going offshore on Tuesday so it's a hundred times harder knowing I'll have to leave him, even in the most capable of hands ;)

The plan is to get him into pads whilst stood in too, because he'll be bedded on straw so this doesn't offer quite the same support as a shavings bed, or similar. Once he is safely ensconced at the new place, I'll get his feet scrubbed out and disinfected so that I can take lots of photos.


  1. You're doing everything you can for him, and doing it well, and making sure he is well cared for while you are away. Things will come right, but it'll take time. I know how awful it can be, worrying about your horse and wanting things to be better.

  2. i don't know what more you could do, really.

  3. Probably nothing Claire, but I'm so paranoid!

    And also frustrated. He was going really well. Kate, you're right, and thank you :)

    I'm just feeling sorry for myself. This sore throat won't shift and I'm a wuss with any pain from the neck up!