Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It's December!

H-E-double hockeysticks, is it really that time already?

Word from home is that the horses are well. Quadi is looking very sound, so am looking forward to getting home and seeing that he gets the all-clear. The power of positive thought! He definitely needs to do some work.

The temperature has taken a nosedive, both here in Norway and back in the UK. Here, we've had snow :) And the temperatures are into minus figures overnight where I live. So the boys are in warmer rugs. Well, Quadi's now got a liner in his Duo. He's ripped the velcro off of the neck attachments of his rug. Whilst he doesn't need it, Kate wanted to put it on to see whether or not the hair on his neck would lie flat.

I'm offhsore but thinking about all the presents I have to buy. Normally I'd have them all bought by now! Still a couple of weeks until I'm home. This one's really dragging :( I celebrated the first day of December yesterday with a Chrismas movie, Elf :D


  1. Ali is like a woolly mammoth in the winter,I counteract it by clipping it all off :)))I wonder if its anything to do with their breeding?
    Excellent news about Quadi!
    Go and see the new Christmas Carol with Jim Carey its very good.
    Ive bought most of my presents although there will definitely be the usual last minute panic when I realise ive forgotten someone.

  2. odd I posted a comment and it seems to have disappeared?

  3. Mr Fin is sooper-floofeh too. The winters down there can be as bad as ours so I guess they're just natives at heart ;)

    And :p to you for being so organised!