Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bouncing like a cork

I expect that's what we'll be doing for the next couple of days. The great news is I am heading home, and I don't have to fly. The bad news is the sail from Bergen to Aberdeen will be very lively indeed. Having just perused the shipping forecast I can see severe weather warnings for the Norway side (Viking, North Utsire & South Utsire for those in the know!) and high winds in Forties too. Hurrah(!) I have some anti-seasickness meds prepped, although I don't want to take them because they make me thirsty and sedate me to the point of being unable to talk. I'm sure those around me won't mind that at all ;)

The forecast also means the sail will take longer than usual, but I'll be home on Thursday. Hurrah!

Onto Quadi: the weather and dark nights mean poor Kate doesn't always get to work with them. She has been doing a lot of ride-and-lead which is great for both boys. Quadi is looking sound and feeling well enough to harrass poor Fin by bum-nipping when his buddy is trying to have a roll. He's happy and healthy and I am looking forward to seeing him.

I have some photos of Quadi from when Kate's friend visited in the summer, have a cracking headshot and some funny rude pics when Quadi got very excited about physio stretches. Must remember to ask her permission to post them!


  1. Safe crossing! Sooner you than me ;-)

  2. rather you than me, the north sea in winter... the shipping forecast will be a "must listen" for you - safe sailing.