Sunday, 20 December 2009

Don't tell...

...but I had a little sneaky hack today. Shhhhh!

Quadi's been looking sound in every respect lately and I've had such a hectic week, as has Kate, that we thought it would be nice to go for a mooch in the forest. I was apprehensive but I felt it was the right thing to do. We have two very bored horses at the moment!

As if to demonstrate just how bored...whilst I was stood in Quadi's stable, his bit in my hands as I tried to warm it up, he was nibbling at his bridle and trying various parts of it in his mouth, and then pulling the bit out of my hands! I've never known him so keen. He was perfect to mount but he bogged off as soon as I was on, made a beeline for Fin and bit his neck! Norty norty pony!

He led us all off the yard and it became apparent very quickly how much better he was feeling, because he has never felt so good to sit on. Big easy cat-like stride, his barrel was swinging to and fro, and I could really feel him powering along from behind.

Not to cover himself in too much glory, he kept trying to hamstring Fin when we were behind, and it was hard to ask him to listen to me. I settled for joystick-style steering on a long rein in order that we were both relaxed in mind at least. I got in a pickle with the contact!

We also came across monsters. Both boys stopped and snorted at a water container. It did take me a moment to encourage Quadi past it. He grew a hand and scuttled past it, spooking Fin in the process. They were a little 'looky' after this!

In order to try and get Quadi to lead I had to Pony Club-boot a couple of times, but it worked because he went forwards instead of back. It wasn't too hard, but I really had to mean what I was asking and I did ask nicely twice :)

A lovely afternoon and I've spent the entire day since beaming like a loon. Very big wide grin indeed!

Tomorrow both lads have the dentist, and then Tuesday is vet day. So much to cram in, and so little time! I'm glad I got to spend an hour or two with my boy today :)