Monday, 28 December 2009

Ice, ice and more ice

Not much to report since we can't get the boys out of their paddock! I think Kate and I were both rather hoping that we'd get some above zero temperatures or more sun to melt away some of the ice. Instead, we've had as low as minus six overnight and lots of rain to create some very slick ice on the roads and indeed even pavements. Quadi and Fin are far better off in the field. They're bored, but fed and watered, warm and dry. Feeding in the field is somewhat of a pain because the boys start to forget their manners. And because Quadi hoovers his feed he's always bothering Fin for his. A headcollar and leadrope is necessary to keep him out of Fin's way. Not much worse than trying to eat your tea when someone's intercepting every mouthful!

Tomorrow I shall buy some big tubs of table salt and take them up, see if I can clear some paths. Not necessarily for horses, but at least for people! I almost came a cropper a few times when crossing the yard!

On Sunday our friend and horse physio got her new mare to our old livery :) Kate was the taxi, I headed out as loading backup but didn't have time to stay and settle her in. I am looking forward to this coming weekend when I can go out and meet her properly. She's just turned two in autumn and is a traditional cob x WB. A very even-tempered little filly with a leg in each corner. With her new Mum's permission I shall post some photos after our visit!


  1. Ice is the worst - good luck with that!

  2. Hope the salt works, I hate the cold but at least dry and cold is better than rain. Keep warm.