Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pre-Christmas Blues

I have no right or need to feel like this mind you, selfish child that I am!

I made it home a few days later than planned and via Hull, rather sadly, but am home again which is the main thing. They boys are well. Bored I should imagine, but I'm working in the office and by the time I get out to them it's black and cold and I can't see owt!

Quadi is booked in for his check up on Tuesday, weather permitting. Lameness work-up, x-rays and ultrasound. Having the all-clear for him would be the best present I've ever had. I am more nervous this time around, I'm hoping the long road we've come along doesn't extend too much farther. Because I'm tired!


  1. from what you've said about how he's going, i'm hoping he'll be more than fine!

    re your invite to msn... shan't be taking that up, have enough forums/social networks/blogs to keep up with as it is, LOL! unless you can persuade me of some advantage it has...?

  2. Tell me about it, if only everyone could stick to the same network.

    I can't wax lyrical about the virtues of MSN because I'm still figuring out who to use it! *lol*