Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Chest Infection Returneth

Being out in the cold all weekend has rendered me useless with a chest infection, which has today mutated into a head cold. I have antibiotics lest I get pneumonia. Again.

We had over a foot of snow in town overnight, and more of the same again today, which meant I was unable to get to the yard. I have a hire car but wasn't prepared to throw it around on untreated roads. The boys are right around the corner from Kate and she has kindly offered to take care of them for now. I feel terrible about this, I'm away often enough I should be doing my bit when I'm home. But she said they're content, toasty in their rugs, plenty of hay and we've insulated their water bucket so that it doesn't develop thick ice over the top. It was about minus 8 last night and whilst it had iced over, it wasn't thick and they'd been able to break the top themselves. Clever boys!

Because of the weather I've had to cancel today's lameness check-up indefinitely. I'm not worried about him, it's a formality, but obviously it would be nice to know everything inside that leg is healthier than it was three months ago.

The weather also meant Kate and I couldn't move a friend's new little filly, Lola. It would have been nice to have her 'home' for Christmas but that's not looking likely :(

The Terrible Two did have the dentist yesterday. They were reasonably behaved, Quadi doing his usual thing of trying to squish the new person against the wall. He does this with most new people who are trying to work with him. Once he realises they are going to do what they want no matter how he protests he is a lamb. Always has to make a fuss first though! Kate was very impressed with her handling so hopefully with more visits Quadi won't feel the need to be so rude.

I wasn't there and haven't read her write-up yet but the crack in one of his molars is still there, still quite bad, but is a common condition and because it's not bothering him at all, we agreed to leave well alone. He also had a hook which has been removed, so not too bad considering how overdue he was. Bad Danni!

I am hoping upon hope I can make it out tomorrow, it just wouldn't do if I couldn't see my boy before Christmas. Not that I've bought him a present, I think I've spent enough on him this year!


  1. Look after yourself...keep warm and get better soon.

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well - please take care of yourself and feel better!