Saturday, 26 December 2009


Not horsey news, but worth a mention...!

We settled down to festive movie on Christmas Eve (in the form of Die Hard!) and near the end our doorbell rang. I went out to greet one of our neighbours enquiring as to whether we had electricity, because half of our building had been cut off. Luckily we hadn't, we offered help to anyone who required but didn't hear from anyone the rest of the night....

Christmas morning arrives, and I had already overslept. I had a goose to prep and banana and cranberry bread to bake :) I had decided upon smartening myself up should a camera appear before I was ready. Just as I reached for the hair straighteners my bedroom light went out! Scottish Hydro, in their infinite wisdom, had restored power to everyone at 8.10am but had to switch off the whole building at 8.30am, unannounced, so that they could repair the fault. Which turned out to be an underground cable so we had several trucks in our street coupled with a mini-digger. And now a very large hole in the pavement!

If they had warned us we wouldn't have power we could have boiled up a few kettles of water and offered them a cuppa but they didn't so :p to them! I know the had to be called out on Christmas Eve but a little warning would have been an idea, there are a lot of older people in our building.

Since we couldn't help anyone here, we decanted ourselves, plus food and alcohol down to my boyfriend's flat. After present opening of course! Not exactly the day we'd hoped for but there are people who don't get to eat on 25th December, who don't get to be with loved ones, who don't have a roof over their head never mind no power, who don't get presents, so no complaints. I was home with loved ones and it was all very exciting, like an army bug out! We returned home in the evening, stuffed to our gunnels, to lights and heat, just in time to have a cup of tea and go to bed.

And despite never having cooked goose before, it was lip-smackingly tasty, even if I do say so myself!

I haven't visited Quadi yesterday or today. Really, really need a car! I am heading out there tomorrow, the boys have spent two days in their field because even the path into the yard is sheet ice, having had rain over snow and slush :(

Hopefully a bit of sun and above-freezing temperatures will see us right again.

I am feeling better but still have a 'crackling' chest, so am going to try and see a doctor for antibiotics if that's what is needed. Don't expect I'll shift this otherwise! It usually takes a broken limb to keep me off a horse, and sometimes not even then...

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  1. Please continue to feel better and take care of yourself!