Tuesday, 2 March 2010

So this is Africa

I've never been before, and it's H O T ! ! !

Going from a sub-zero early morning in Scotland to nearly 30 degrees at night in Congo was a shock to my temperate system! Luckily I'd thought to buy a big bottle of water at CDG. Not that it helped when I was 4 deep in a crowd waiting to collect my bags. Heavy suitcases were swung at my ankle, I even took an accidental punch or two to the stomach as people hauled their cases from the carousel.

Not sure I enjoy this flying lark anymore. It's wholly unnatural, I sit and worry about getting DVT and the whole time I'm thinking that every flight I take increases my chances of dying that way. Paranoid! 3 flights later and I'm pretty sore, even after a good night's rest. Once I'm told which shift I'm on I will start my pilates exercises. My shoulders have returned to their default position, which is around my ears, giving me a vulture-like posture.

Won't be venturing outside very much, even the wind is hot. But we have Tetley tea on board, all is good with the world :)

I do miss my pony though :( I shall use this time away to research insulin resistance in horses, I think this and/or ulcers are the missing pieces of the puzzle.


  1. I hope you have a good time in Africa. I have never been but have always thought it would be a very interesting trip.

  2. ,= hope you have a great trip! This ios my 1st time here, where in Scotland are you from? I dont mean to be `anonymous` but hVent figured this thing out yet!

  3. Hi 'Anon'

    I am in the north-east but hail from the central belt :)

    You can always sign your name at the bottom of the post if you don't want to register with Blogger. But nice to hear from you anyway :)