Sunday, 28 February 2010

Down, but not out

Lunchtime today was spent with our physio and her youngster Lola. We went for an in-hand walk down some farm tracks, which were mostly covered in slushy snow which made walking hard work. Here is the view:

And Lo of course:

Next up was my physio session. Anna confirmed my squintness :( She gave me some very basic pilates work which I can do whilst offshore. I'll write about that another time...

Last thing to do today was to ride my horse! He seemed keen to come in, but comfortably warm even without his neck cover.

As I was grooming him, I stood back to look at him. He looks bloated again :( Cresty neck and a bloated tummy are NOT what I want to see.

Still, he was a keen bean to be ridden. Certainly we didn't have any grumpiness when presented with tack. I mounted up in the yard and rode down to the school. The school surface was ok, it was hard but broke up easily as we walked on it.

Schooling didn't feel good. I struggled with my co-ordination and my timing. Quadi didn't settle his head-carriage so required constant correction. He was nappy towards Fin and our helper on the ground (we were working up to some polework) and didn't want to release anything to me. I got what I wanted but I had to work very hard and push him very hard.

My stirrups were a hole shorter than normal, which helps place my lower back in the right position and also helped me with my rising trot. I asked him up to trot and kept my seat very forward and light, and controlled the tempo with my seat rises. Hard work for us both but he did respond, which was good because he tends to plunge into the contact and rush in trot. Can't decide which rein was better, it all felt rotten.

Over the poles he really struggled :( This was wholly disappointing. Whilst he doesn't always use his back as he should, I can ALWAYS feel a positive difference over poles. Today, nothing. He didn't feel any different, and he flung his head up as he went over them.

I went for a walk over them in a long rein to at least have a sensible head carriage and a calm pony, and called it a day.

The plan is to order his tummy supplement, look into some specific vit and min supplements, and ulcer medication. A few friends will be visiting to help keep the boys ticking over, hopefully this trip won't be too long.

To say I'm gutted is an understatement. Down. Down but not out, hopefully this is just a blip. But I have a lot to think about.

Now, I must pack. 6am flight, ick!


  1. HI! I just found your blog and am enjoying it very much. Your photos today are beautiful.

  2. Hi Beth, thank you very much! Today was so pretty I just had to take a couple of snaps :)