Friday, 12 February 2010

Less said the better!

I have a black and blue cankle. Went right over it, but thankfully it's not broken and only two days after it's already weight-bearing. But yesterday and the day before were a write-off. I am dosing up on arnica, ibuprofen and Biofreeze to take the swelling out of it.

Just to catch up:

I rode in the school on Monday night. A little to-ing and fro-ing to get him into the field with the school but we got there. I laid out five trotting poles down one long side. I wanted him to be calmer about the polework. I also tried to work on softness through all transitions. I think they were about 50:50, so something to work on. At first we walked over the poles, and I got the distances just right and could really feel him lift over his back. We also tried a wee trot. He was rushy but I controlled his tempo with my rising and once over the poles once or twice he understood he couldn't rush them so collected and bounced his trot really sweetly over them. I gave him a pat, a kiss and a sweetie, very good boy!

Tuesday I was at my pole-dancing class. Next week is the last week and I'm not sure I want to do anymore. I think until I get fitter and lose weight I won't progress and I do get disheartened when I can't achieve things. And it's not like I can practice in between! Haven't decided yet, but I also miss seeing my horse that night. I want to focus on him.

On Wednesday I decided to do some groundwork. Whilst Monday was good, I wanted to spend a bit of time on my feet in the school. My squiffiness is causing some confusion and I won't be able to properly tackle that for a little while, so I want to stick to groundwork and hacking. I know that I'll still be squint on hacks but Quadi finds this mentally relaxing and long, straight lines help me improve my feel.

The original plan was to long-rein but his belly was too muddy for tack so I tried to long-rein without a roller. I got my knitting in a knot before we'd even reached the school so the plan was switched to a bit of free schooling, just for the sake of doing something. What we ended up doing was free lunging because when I sent Quadi off he went straight onto a 20m circle :) He spent more time bent out than in, but I was able to run alongside with the point of the whip on his girth area to ask him to flex inward. He was obedient to my voice aids and was very good about changing the rein without too much excitement. Once I was tuckered out I called it a day.

He hasn't done anything the past two days. My fault for being so clumsy. I'll ride him tomorrow but my ankle isn't up to any shock absorption so I'll ride stirrupless which won't help my seatbone position but better than getting my sore ankle stuck in the stirrup.

The school has been levelled so it is running a little smoother, so if I have to stick to groundwork I should be safe.

I'm Meg-sitting my favourite Meg again tomorrow night, shame I'm not fit for a ramble around the forest with her!

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  1. ouch, but thank goodness you didn't break anything. Quadi sounds like he's happy with the groundwork stuff.