Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Spring Cleaning :)

In an effort to encourage a new season, spring cleaning has begun in earnest. I've already polished bridles and various other leather accessories. Since it has snowed again and it's just too cold and sharp to ride, Monday night was Sheath Cleaning. Ugh. My least favourite aspect of having a gelding but it had to be done. Not half as bad as last time, since I didn't dry-heave my way through proceedings on this occassion. Glad it's done, but definitely a job for outside the stable in warmer weather!

Last night was Hoof Soaking. Quadi has developed a hole in the sole of his off-fore. It's like old, stretched white line so it's either from a laminitis episode or an abscess. Either way, it has to be kept clean until the sole sheds (as it looks like it might do) and since he is prone to thrush I thought it prudent to soak each hoof. We also did some hind leg stretches and I tried a little more Equissage. He still stands rigid with paranoia whilst I use it but he didn't run away. Possibly because his front feet were in poultice boots but no matter(!) He got treats for touching it and lots of praise when he relaxed.

I guess this week is set to be another write-off but at least I'm keeping out of trouble whilst my ankle and foot continue to heal.

I'm due away back to work next week, hopefully not for long. Very much hoping for some sensible weather this coming weekend so that we can get more work under out collective belt before I scoot off to West Africa.

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  1. i expect he'll eventually relax for the massage.... once he realises the effect is soothing. Molly loves her equilibrium pad..