Wednesday, 3 February 2010

At least I hope they were foxes!

So much for two days off. I am bushed!

I checked the boys first thing, and gave them more hay. They were sweltering under their rugs, so I put on lighter ones. If I'd been hanging around I'd have left them out naked for an hour in the sun, to roll and groom. As it happens I was taking Meg to the beach so I couldn't stay.

Not that taking Meg to the beach turned out to be much in the way of fun...and she got bored *lol*

I find it hard to get up and go up to the boys if I've already been out. I'm putting this down to having to walk everywhere in the cold. My bones and joints ache, methinks I am meant for sunnier climes!

I brought the bridles home yesterday to wash the bits and was too lazy to remove them from the leather. Plus the bridles themselves could have used a clean. I was too lazy to take them back up to the yard tonight so rode both boys in a leather headcollar with reins.

Fin was up first. I concentrated on having a relaxed seat to swing along with him. I never used to be able to feel his back or legs, on account of my locked seat. But today was good :) However, if I took up a contact on the reins, he would slow down and start travers along the path. I know I feel squint so I'm wondering how I'm doing this to him when I've been concentrating on a soft and supple seat?

By the time I tacked up Quadi it was getting dark. But I have a headtorch, so no problem!

Unless of course the rider is a little scared of the dark and then starts thinking about horror movies whilst riding through the forest is twilight! Luckily I didn't seem to pass on my tension to Himself. He was swinging along really nicely, and despite the lack of a bit his head carriage was level, no giraffe impressions.

Because of my overactive imagination and silly phobias, I was somewhat edgy. What didn't help was when my headtorch reflected something in the distance :o

At first I thought it was reflective dog collars, and assumed someone was out walking their dogs. The reflection turned out to be two little green globes. So I thought I'd caught a couple of dog's eyes and expected to see their owner come through the trees any second...

They never appeared, but the couple of pairs of eyes were moving in the trees and watching us. Eek! I guess they were foxes, or badgers? My brain galloped off with the idea they were werewolves or gremlins!

I was jittery all the way home. But Quadi was totally non-plussed, and he got me home. Good pony!

I took the time to hot-towel him tonight, and trummed his fetlock hair, and disinfected his feet. And changed both their saddlecloths.

Am very much looking forwards to Sunday as our physio is coming to do a review of how we're getting on. I've also asked her to look at me. I'm in agony at the moment, and combined with my apparent squintness in the saddle, I feel something needs to be addressed. I have to source some white electrical tape so we can mark points on my body to highlight my balance.

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  1. Hope the physio helps - hope you feel better!