Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A day not-quite wasted

Such plans, slightly scuppered by my lack of motivation!

But I did enjoy a lie-in, most lush! The sun was blazing and I took Miss Meg for a walk before lunch, past the boys in their field. They were sunbathing, very sweet.

Once I'd sat down to lunch I found it impossible to get back up, like an upturned turtle! By the time I'd finally galvanised myself to getting off my backside and up to the yard it was snowing. Not put off by this, I set about tacking up Quadi. It was still snowing when I mounted up but we set off. Quadi stopped in the yard and Oh No thinks I. But I asked him forwards and he obliged. I think the issue was that he was worried about ice, but he listened to me as I directed him along the path and relaxed forwards and out, and was lifting his back. Until I concentrated on it too hard and froze my seat!

The snow became heavier and thicker until we were in a blizzard. Quadi's ears were pricked the whole way, bless him, but my face was stinging so we about turned and were only out about 15-20 minutes. I also forgot to put on an exercise sheet so he was a little sodden when we returned!

Here he is upon our return. The snow is plastered to the saddlecloth, I couldn't get a good shot of his forehead, which was covered! I also like how his neck looks here, muscles in the right places :)

I'm happy that I got him out for a walk, that he listened to me when I asked him to keep going, and that he was so happy to get out. However, I'm disappointed that I didn't get off my backside sooner. I obviously needed a few hours slobbing around.

Fin, well, he needed to be ridden but I ran out of time. And the sun came back out once I was home. Typical!

I bought a whole bunch of horsey books at the RUBooks.co.uk sale, am looking forward to settling down with a cuppa to read them :)

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