Sunday, 21 February 2010

Where were we?

The past week just wasn't worth blogging about. Kate did a little ride-and-lead on Wednesday, so he got a leg stretch alongside his buddy. I tried to lunge him in the Pessoa on Thursday but in my usual disorganised manner I didn't check the school surface before I took him in. Frozen. Bum.

So I took him for an in-hand walk down the track in the dark. I though I'd put him in the Pessoa loose just to get used to wearing it without it affecting him even if he had a bobble in the mud and dark. To further prove how disorganised I am, I hadn't checked it's fit before we left the yard, the sheepskin round the bum was fine but the rest had been run up to be stored so it was much too short and my digits were little frozen sausages so I gave up and left it off.

On Friday it snowed and snowed and snowed. So nothing happened except feeds.

Yesterday (Saturday) was gorgeously sunny. Given that we are lucky enough to have a tarmac road on our doorstep which is closed except to access, we headed along there. Figured it would be better to hack on the road in the sun than undercover in the forest. Quadi was left unbooted as we didn't want to go too far. There is a hill about a third of the way along which was icy, plus both boys will need to build up their feet after so long on wet and snow. It was just so pleasant to be out :) Even when Quadi was ignoring my gammy right leg (it's nigh on impossible to use my leg correctly right now and he knows it!) and trying to have full body contact alongside Fin. My boy looked very pleased with himself upon return, I love when my horse looks so happy having been worked.

Today we still couldn't use the school but it's been so good all winter no-one minds a few days here and there. So a forest hack was on the cards.

We swapped ponies! Fin isn't in need of so much 'aiding' as Quadi and frankly will move off the brush of the calf, so he gave me an easier time. I could concentrate on my seat with him. When I was riding him a couple of weeks ago, I unlocked his forwards, swinging walk. I feel I've taken a step or two back of late. I'm back to using the wrong part of my back and tensing my seat. I got some nice walk out of him but it wasn't as easy. I could also feel a lot easier in his treed saddle that my seatbones and pelvis are squint. Most probably compensating for my dodgy shoulder. It's looking like physio will be easier next weekend rather than midweek so that should turn up what needs sortin'!

Quadi was in a most amenable mood today, Kate said he was no trouble and he was fine to lead once or twice without stropping :) Happy horses and smiling riders. This is why we have ponies!

This week I am phoning the saddler to trial a WOW and see if it's worth the extra or whether an Ideal Jessica will be goodly enough. The latter fits him really well but am curious as to the adjustability of the former. Neither of us are suited to the Fhoenix but it's been perfect for what we've been doing until now.

I took some hoof photos today, lots of interesting happenings but I need to sort through them first.

And the vet has been booked for next week. Third time's a charm!

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