Saturday, 6 February 2010

Well Sat...?

Quadi was just in one of those moods. Not terribly compliant. Couldn't lead, couldn't keep an appropriate distance behind Fin on our hack. The only thing he could possibly do was walk right up Fin's backside!

We went around the forest and round the loop twice. Mostly because the first time Quadi wasn't well behaved enough to warrant going home and partly because Fin still had such a tickle in his toes that he needed more time under saddle.

I had several handstand bucks, which directly correlated with taking up a contact and asking Quadi to be soft and not stargaze. And I couldn't get him in the lead. He made a big deal about it which meant that this had to be addressed. We got there in the end, after several backwards walking phases when he wouldn't walk forwards. He chose not to do as asked so life became more difficult for him as I asked him to go in my chosen direction, in rein back. I'm amazed I didn't pop out the front door on several occasions when he bucked. All week on solo hacks he's been fab.

He was rather puffy on the way home but eventually settled onto a long rein. Crazy pony!

Once back I did some carrot stretches and introduced Quadi to the Equissage. He was suspicious but let me use it on him, so hopefully it'll become a more useful tool as he relaxes about it. I think he's lost weight and his back looks flatter as opposed to dipped so despite his antics it's been a good day.

Our physio is out tomorrow so he'll get a good MOT from her. It's a good way of checking that his bucks aren't pain-related. I can't think that they are, but it doesn't hurt to check :)

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